Sergeants gold or poison?

khushbooSeptember 14, 2008

my husband picked up sergeants gold from kroger's today...he was looking for frontline plus but couldnt find it so opted for this product (it read "better than frontline plus").....i applied it on him as directed...after a couple of hours i see him moving around the house like a zombie...i thought he might be uneasy due to something...then i notice my loveseat n sofa soaked (no kidding..completely soaked) in his drool that continued all throughout the floor....i went nuts...i was sure he had eaten sumthin poisonous...i started calling all the emergency nos...n then it hit was coz of that stupid sergeant gold...i researched over it and found some solutions over the net (lots of water,honey etc to help him pass out urine) and a couple of antiallergens i had at home from his previous treatments (prednisone,Diphenhydramine) really helped and he is all fine now and resting...i am surprised such a disastrous product is marketed so openly and has not been withdrawn yet...

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Most OTC cheaper topical applications often create more problems than they are meant to cure. Im glad your pup is a bit better, I hope you write the company and let them know and let the manager of the pet sotre know the trauma you and your pet went through, it is only pet owners complaining, and using our purchasing power to let these companies know that their harmful products should be pulled form the market. Be certain when you apply you follow directions for weight, and apply it where your dog can not lick it, and if you have 2 dogs, they dont lick each other, or contact the application sight for 24 hours. Most dogs can smell the stuff and hate it, and will avoid the application site. Go get yourself some Advantage or Frontline, and rest easier. Good luck

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Most vets can tell stories of dogs and cats that have been poisoned with retail store flea products, including Sergeants. In fact, a vet just posted on a different pet forum about two small dogs he treated for poisoning with Sergeant's flea product this last week, and the owner had already tried to bathe the product off of her dogs FIVE TIMES before taking them to the ER!

You're very, VERY lucky that your dog survived.


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I consider any type of flea treatment of this type poison. How else is it killing the fleas???? Tons of people have had tons of problems with all types of treatmens, from the vet and otherwise.

My personal experience made my two dogs explode all over my wall to wall carpet, a real award winner for this one and I've dealt with lots........

No more treatments, I don't care what my vet says. I keep my dogs and their environment very clean, and I don't have a flea probmem, and have never had one on 18 years of having large dogs (I now have three).


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SG, Frontlines active ingredient is Fipronil. Fipronil is used as the active ingredient in Frontline Top Spot at about 9.8% concentration, and is used together with (S)-methoprene (8.8%) in Frontline Plus, a topical flea and tick control commonly used on dogs and cats. It kills adult fleas before they lay eggs. It is also the active ingredient in Over N Out season long fire ant control product.

After a local application of Frontline, fipronil is slightly absorbed (approx. 15%) through the skin. Low levels of fipronil may be detected in the plasma, with a very high variability between dogs. You happen to be lucky I guess and not live in an area where fleas are rampant. Fleas can be transmitted from an outisde yard where other animals walk near. Wild animals and peoples pets not treated with a flea treatment can walk by a yard and one flea jumping off can start a colony within a week in the proper conditions. Many dogs are highly allergic to fleas, and they go through agony as a result. The amount of exposure through Frontline is minimal. Many dogs absorb much more toxins just rolling around on a treated lawn at the park or a neighbors yard. Lawns are usually treated with pesticides or insecticides and herbicides, a toxic cocktail that can cause deadly cancer especially in smaller dogs who are more exposed to the chemicals because they are so close to the ground. *my friends neighbor chihuahua died about a year after being exposed to a recently treated lawn* Granted an owner should be mindful that until the topical application is dry the dogs should be watched, as with any pet, cats as well should be monitored while playing so they dont accidently get exposed to the spot which has been treated. I feel it is a necessary evil. Less toxic by far than bathing in flea treatment and bombs, sprays and collars, but it is up to each owner. If my dog did not have Frontline he would have pulled out all of his fur by now, and his skin left a bloody mess. Cleanliness does not have anything to do with flea reproduction, you can have the cleanest house in the world, and your yard could be infested. In areas which are more humid, like Hawaii, insects are a constant battle, including flea infestations. One bath mat in a bathroom, left for a week while on vacation can spawn thousands of fleas. Even if cleaned regularly, all it takes is one egg bearing flea. It is great you have your environment flea free and can get along without having a topical application, but not all people can....

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Also, fleas carry various diseases, which are debilitating or deadly. For example tapeworm, Lyme disease. So safely treating fleas is important.

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I use Frontline Plus specifically because of its low systemic absorption. Other products, such as Advantage, are systemically absorbed, which I don't like.

I see about 5 severe skin problems per DAY caused directly by fleas here in NC. Many of these pets are on crap OTC flea control products (collars, dips, shampoos, sprays, spot on treatments, powders, etc.). So besides convincing the owner to purchase Frontline Plus (my personal favorite product), the owner is also out money for the crap OTC product, the office and physical exam charge, antibiotics, and steroids for the poor dog to get relief.

I've personally treated 4-5 SERIOUS OTC flea product reactions in the last 2 months, but I'll bet many pets are never treated by the vet. We've had pets at the hospital DIE from overdoses, and come close when treated correctly.

The only reason these products exist is because people buy them and the company makes money. I doubt many people are successful in suing these companies for their vet bills when their pets get sick or still have fleas, so what little loss they take with that is offset by the millions of people who buy the products anyway.

It's very sad that pets suffer with the constant itching and infections from fleas, or worse reactions that these products cause.

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A vet who posts regularly to one of the other online pets forums to which I subscribe has posted many times that neither Frontline nor Advantage are absorbed systemically. Do you know of any online reference which I could access that would describe the systemic absorbtion of Advantage which you mentioned in your post?



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My vet can't believe Hartz and Sergeants are still selling products unabated.

I'm very glad we have this forum to keep each other informed.

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OK, I decided to go to the manufacturers themselves for the (hopefully) accurate scoop on Advantage and Frontline concerning their absorbability beyond the skin layer.

According to Bayer, Advantage is present in the bloodstream for the first 24 hrs after application, after which time it disappears from the blood and continues to be present only in the skin layers. At no time is it present in any other tissue or organs other than the skin and bloodstream.

According to Merial, Frontline is only present in the skin and hair. If it is present systemically at all, it is at minute levels and chemically inactive.

So say the manufacturers.


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Logged a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Site!!!

I wasnÂt the first! Please log a complaint so that they will take action for us!

We need to let them know this is happening every day and how awful this experience feels!

We need their help to get this product off the shelves! Every day there is another person like you and me that will experience the horror of watching our loved one suffer. Please take the time to log a complaint.

Sergeant is knowingly causing Cruelty to Animals and I am almost at my limit watching them.

A SergeantÂs Sufferer for Life

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This has been an ongoing discussion at the large dog site I frequent regularly. The president of Sergeants, Bob Scharf, came online and posted, but his concern was unconvincing. Another Sergeant's employee posted, as well.

This is very clearly a dangerous product, and it should not be on the market. The company is not interested in rectifying the problem, only in blaming owners for using the product improperly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Sergeant's on Big Paws Only

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Treated my three dogs with sergeants gold flea and tick, according to instructions and all three had horrible reactions to it. Profuse drooling(dogs entire front halves soaked), nervous ticks/jerking, running in circles, unable to hold still. Rushed all 3 to emergency pet hospital. 2 of them had to stay overnight for treatment. 1 of them is still in the hospital with projectile vomiting and diahrea. The vet says she may have possible liver damage! So far the vet bills are over $1000 dollars!
Is there a class action lawsuit started against this company? These people need to be held accountable for the premeditated injury they are willingly inflicting on our beloved pets. They know this product is killing and seriously injuring pets all over, yet they continue in their greedy pursuit of profit. They need to be stopped.
Warn all your friends and ask them to boycott Hartz and all the Sergeants products.

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Just to let you all know....Hartz flea product are also very harmful. We used their flea and tick drops on our dog and she got very sick and we had to take her to the vet for detox. I would never use another Hartz product.

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Probably anything you can buy in pet supplies in a supermarket-wal mart or otherwise isn't good- expect for maybe a water bowl or leash.

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News Reports regarding Sergeants Flea and Tick drops. See the Sufferers and their Pets:
Sergeant's Gold and SentryPro XFC "Allergic" Reaction and Deaths happen Daily see the below news report and websites with all the fellow Sergeant Reaction sufferers.

Been through it with two Pugs, it was like watching them die for three days straight. This is not a allergic reaction.

There is something wrong with their Sergeant Products and instead of taking it off the shelves the continue to make Pet Parents like You and I watch our pet children suffer. Sergeant's Gold is a Poison

Read more Sufferers Daily at the below sites:

Just logged a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Site!!!

I wasnÂt the first! Please log a complaint so their Lawyers will take action for us!

We need to let them know this is happening every day and how awful this experience feels!

We need their help to get this product off the shelves! Every day there is another person like you and me that will experience the horror of watching our loved one suffer. Please take the time to log a complaint.

Sergeant is knowingly causing Cruelty to Animals and I am almost at my limit watching them.

A SergeantÂs Reaction Sufferer for Life

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I almost killed a kitten many years ago with a Hartz product. I also don't like using anything. I was combing my cats and dog every day and vacuuming and didn't see a flea until last week. I immediately ordered Frontline Plus after consulting w/ my vet about dangers with it. I have used it every year but recently there were news stories on possible negative effects. He said it was fine and also put the dog on Sentinel year round.

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Please read the below 06-16-09 blog from Sergeants....t o me!
It is evidence that they are aware of the suffering they are causing and yet choose to make a profit instead of stopping it.

Thank you,
Sergeant Sufferer for Life

Here is a link that might be useful: Blog with Sergeant's Representative

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Michael Scott Green ESQ has filed a class action against SergeantÂs products.

He is looking for Sergeant Sufferers located in the N. J. area.

Please call him at 732-390-0480 if you wish to assist in the investigation.




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My sisters cat has had this problem yesterday, it is devastating.
He got fleas last night, and she quickly went to WinCo to buy some Frontline Plus. However when she got to WinCo, there was none, as it was rather late at night. She saw the only one lefft - Sergeant and considered going elsewhere, until an employee came up to her and told her that he recommends it. Stupid man - he caused the kitty Henry so much pain.
He has been lethargic, he has been seizing and throwing up. he is having slight trouble breathing, but luckily my sister had the sense to take him to the vet ER. He is currently under watch by the vets and is attatched to an IV, he's lucky that it didnt get any worse.

I am pleased that your pup is okay now, and hope he continues to be, all my love to the animals,
Ameal. x

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I stopped reading after the first 3 posts.

If you want to truly be flea-free, then see your vet. Do NOT TRY TO dyi.

Dogs are not cheap. Either have kids and start a college fund for them, or have dogs.

That being said, Frontline Plus can only be obtained through a veterinarian for a reason. Do not skimp on dog vet care.

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I have used Sergeant's Gold twice on my cat, who is now a year old. The first time I used it she acted like she was in great pain for 24 hours. I thought she had eaten something outside. After several months, I just used it again and she was less in pain acting, but it seemed to hurt her after I applied it and she ran around in a weird way for a few hours...she even went out in the rain which I think helped her get over it. I'm not going to dare use this on her again. Is it dangerous? I don't know...but my cat sure reacts badly to it.

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""Frontline Plus can only be obtained through a veterinarian for a reason""

A prescription is not needed to buy Frontline Plus. It can be purchased on-line, in some pets stores, and at veterinary offices.

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I WISH you pet lovers were as knowledgable and educated about what is being fed to your kids and families in our every day foods! Has even one of you done any research on ConAgra? Maybe you should! You ALL go on about what's allowed on your pets...but do some research on what is IN and GENETICALLY ENGINEERED into our foods! The 400% rise in Autism, ADD/ADHD and now millions of kids with allergies to nuts etc...comes from what's been done to feed our animals and keep foods cheap. We could do better, be safer, and it wouldn't have to cost a lot more.
WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!! You're acting so concerned about your cats n dogs, but have your heads in the sand about what you eat AND feed your families!

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I'm not sure if Sergeant's Gold Flea & Tick drops for dogs is still on the market. Did a Google search for it, and doesn't seem anyone is still selling it. God, I hope not.

I'm a lifelong dog owner and have used a variety of flea & tick drops over the years, without incident. I currently have two healthy 3-yr-old border collie mutts. Last year I purchased a box of Sergeant's Gold Flea & Tick "Squeeze-On" [drops] from a former dog owner, at a moving sale. The box was not opened or expired.

Two nights ago, I dug out the box and applied the drops to my two dogs, per the instructions included with the box. Within a couple hours they began acting "antsy", while also gagging a bit and coughing. As the evening wore on, they became increasingly restless and obviously uncomfortable. It was a long night, with them scratching, rolling, drooling, and generally acting like their skin was either on fire or was being bitten relentlessly.

After I Googled "Sergeants Gold", I quickly found all the reports of dogs being poisoned by the product and nearly dying from it. It's unbelievable and unconscionable that there hasn't been a recall and more publicity around the problem! What an outrage!

Fortunately there was enough information online from other dog owners who had experienced the same problem with the product, I was able to get relief for my two dogs within 24 hours. First I bathed them both thoroughly with dish washing soap, then took them to the dog groomers for an additional bath and brushout. I also contacted my vet about the problem, who recommended 25mg of Benadryl every 8 hrs as needed, to help relieve the itching and related discomfort.

After the long ordeal (and perhaps effect of Benadryl), my dogs slept like rocks that night and seemed to be mostly recovered by the next day.

I feel like sending Sergeant's/Hartz a bill for my expenses resulting from their poisonous product. Since I purchased it secondhand (though still new), I doubt I'd have any legal recourse.

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I used sergeant's gold flea-tick squeeze on on my dog yesterday (6-20-11) and after about hours, wow, she starting to get real hyper. I freaked and called the vet, she said to never use these cheap drugs because you never know what the side effects will be.
Im really hurt because I feel that I put my dog in danger.Im going and talking with the store where I bought this and also the states attorney.This is a bad product and it needs to be removed off the shelves.

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These sites are the best informational resources to fight back on the OTC Flea manufacturers....

We need to band together to get this stuff off the market...

Here is a link that might be useful: Great Source to fight BACK!!! OTC Flea Poison

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my bg baby boy is allergic to everything incl fleas and since we'ere in the suburbs of LA it's really har not to get fleas no mattter ho much you vaccuuum and comb . Frontline is what i use when we are desperate and a flea comb in between.

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my dogs have allergies as well and for fleas, I use K9 Advantix by Bayer. It's great for them. No allergic reactions and they seem to stay flea/insect free but they are indoor pets. Good luck with your baby boy. But of course, you may have tried it and it didn't work. Please only try it if your vet thinks it's okay.

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This is the Best Site I have seen!!! Thank you!


Here is a link that might be useful: SERGEANT GOLD REACTION

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Wow, some scary stuff here. So glad I have never even given it a thought to buy flea products anywhere other than my vets office. Luckily for us fleas aren't a a big problem around here. Two summers ago my vet suggested using Vectra instead of Frontline plus simply because it repels more things. Normally I only use it once or twice in the summer mostly to repel bugs and ticks. Ticks have been a huge huge problem the last two summers and Vectra works great for this.

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