Have both regular faucet and separate filter faucet at bar sink?

lafaciaMarch 9, 2013

Need some help with this. Counter will be 42". 24" refrigerator drawers have to be accommodated and a small undercount sink. Need to have filtered drinking water here but would like to also have regular unfiltered water faucet. Can't come up with a combo that seems like it would look good. Thanks!

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Why do you need both filtered and unfiltered water? That's complicating your decision needlessly. ALso, with only 36" of counter space and a under counter refrigerator, that only leaves a 12" cabinet for a bar sink. That's NOT doable. Even a tiny 12" bar sink needs a 15" cabinet. And a 12" bar sink IS tiny. Take a look at the actual interior measurements for one before you lock yourself into something completely unworkable.

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Oops. Meant 42". My husband has it in his head that its wasteful to use filtered water to wash hands and ?? I'm either looking for confirmation that one faucet is the way to go or two makes sense.

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We have a bar sink with both regular faucet and filtered cold.

Nantucket bar sink, 13" wide in total, set in an 18" base cabinet.

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