Does half a bathroom remodel make sense?

jakefieldMarch 10, 2013

DH and I would like to update our 25 year old master bathroom. If money were no object, we would gut and redo, but, of course, money always factors in. We could leave the tub and shower which are both on one side of the bathroom. They have basic white tile surrounds which are okay, just nothing special. Then we could replace the vanity, counter and lighting on the other side of the bathroom. Do you think just updating the one side of the bathroom is going to make the older remaining side just look old and outdated? Just wanting some thoughts. Thanks for the input.

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As long as it doesn't look schizophrenic from one half to the next and the old side isn't in bad shape, updating the walls and vanity and leaving the old tub surround, particularly with white tile. doesn't seem like such a bad idea. Just don't ignore the old when you create the new: it all has to work together.

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My DH just did this as a favor to a friend. Small bathroom, from the 50's. Original pink and white tile. She already had a new toilet. All he did was replace the vanity, and the pink tile floor she hated, with a simple white tile with little black accents. He recaulked the original shower and left it as is. The pink tiled walls remained throughout and the way cool integrated ceramic soap dishes by the sink also stayed.

I cannot get over how fresh and lovely the bathroom looks's totally worth doing.

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I think it always makes sense, you have to start somewhere and unless you are seriously compromising your artistic vision to integrate the old then a small update can be just the thing to tide over until the whole can be accomplished. Or, if it suites, then no need to do the rest.

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I've been contemplating this, too. The tub is just right for the room, and the white tile surrounding it is in perfectly good shape and I can't bring myself to tear it out. My main problem is the tile goes from the tub across the wall and into the vanity area, so if the vanity comes out, a new one has to be integrated into the existing tile. Not an impossibility, I suppose. If you don't have that problem, definitely go for it.

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Thank you so much everyone for responding. I definitely think we will leave the tub and shower area alone (with some recaulking) and just update the other side. Our bank account thanks you all. :)

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Why not replace the tub/shower taps & spigot to match the one on you new vanity? It would help integrate and modernize the look.

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