feline hyperesthesia disorder?

taxidermistSeptember 19, 2010

Has anyone here dealt with this before? One of my cats recently started showing every symptom. I researched a million illnesses and then found a specialist here is Seattle and he believes this is what my cat has. I guess it is somewhat rare and often misdiagnosed. The treatment usually involves prozac or other anti-depressant or anti-anxiety meds, but is basically a 'best we can do' treatment. Thanks for any help! Heather

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I have no clue if that is what our last kitty had, because I had to look it up just to see what it meant, but it described her perfectly. I always referred to her as our autistic kitten, because I knew she was loving, and wanted attention, but could not stand to be touched or petted and would stand just out of reach to interact with us even though she was a sweet little thing. She had no trauma from a previous owner as she was the only kitten to ever have been born in our household and had never touched the soil with her little feet.

We pretty much just loved her from afar and a lot of her time was spent in seclusion by her own preference. I had chalked it up to her being the daughter of a feral. Her mother was the only other cat in our household of five whom she ever let near her or touch her and even then it was sometimes yes and sometimes no and sometimes ended up in hissing.

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One of my cats had this problem. It was very painful for me to see her have one of these episodes; not being able to help her in any way.

Through some research I found out that FHS could be linked to a grain allergy. After trying many grain free brands in order to find one that would suit my fussy girl's palette :), I found a high quality canned formula.

She has been on this diet for about two years now and has not had an episode in all that time, and, her fur is incrediblly soft! I was happy to find a natural solution, rather than getting her on meds.

I have included a link that has some good info on FHS.

Good luck to you; I hope you will find a solution.

Here is a link that might be useful: Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

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I read the description and it sounds like normal cat behavior, just taken to an extreme and persisting for a long time ... every cat I can remember has done this to some extent.



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