Impression of kitchen cabinet hardware

bostonedMarch 24, 2014

On the first viewing before I bought my home, I remember seeing the kitchen cabinet hardware and my 1st impression was that I thought it looked unique. I have always like the lion head with a ring, but usually as a door knocker. After buying the house and moving in I decided to leave the kitchen as is (meaning the wall paper too).

Several years later, I feel like making a change and am thinking of changing out the drawer hardware for an aged brass cup pull.

May I ask for an opinion on whether to leave as is, just change out the drawer hardware or change out all the hardware? As I said, I like the look but sometimes you get so used to seeing things the same way, you don't consider it may look better another way, so I'm open to other suggestions of hardware styles.

Thanks - eroz

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Those are so nice. What if you put the new pulls on the kitchen cabinets and put the lion pulls on, say a dresser.

Or do something creative with them, like hanging small pictures from them using ribbon.

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Holly- Kay

I really like them. I love lions used on door knockers dresser pulls, etc. My bed has carved lion heads on each leg. I think your pulls make the kitchen unique and while I like cup pulls they would look so ordinary compared to what you currently have.

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They are nice but they're just a bit too "busy" I think, for kitchen cabinets. But as Tibbrix suggests, maybe you can find another use for them.

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They are a bit much for me. I can see them working on a mahogany sideboard. HOWEVER, since you like them, and that is the first consideration, what I would do is buy new drawer hardware for a few drawers in a section or corner, just to try it out. I can imagine it working better, for me, if the row of drawers provided a break such that only doors had that style. To put it another way, a pull like that is a beautiful, special detail - sort of like a hot pepper, to be sprinkled lightly, not liberally. I can also imagine simpler hardware in the same sort of metal on most of the doors and drawers and the lion pull reserved for something special - like if you have a column of those small spice drawers.

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i like them, but i think lions on the doors and drawers are a bit much! i prefer them spaced alittle further apart- the cabinet doors are too close, imo, so i would leave them on the drawers only and find something else for the cabinet doors...

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With a different footprint, size, and orientation, are you sure you can switch them out with bin pulls? How would that work?

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I guess if you are asking, you might be looking for a change.
As these are totally new to me I think they are great. I think they are unique, unexpected, and lovely.
Again, I guess I havent lived with them for the years you have, but I think they are lovely and would keep them.

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Thanks for the opinions everyone. Seems like most of you like the pulls but some of you probably would not use them on kitchen cabinets. A few of you thought it appeared too busy, and funny, but there was always something about having them on every door and/or drawer that I couldn't put my finger on and I believe that's it. Nicely put Dreaming "a beautiful, special detail to be sprinkled lightly, not liberally", great analogy. :)

And thanks Sheila, that is how I still feel about them.

Perhaps keeping them on the upper cabinet doors and replacing the drawers with cup pulls. But then what about the lower cabinet doors?

Kitschy, I would only use the cup pulls on the drawers, not the doors. Is that what you were asking?

Again, thanks for the input.

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For what its worth, I love the classy look - gives the cabinets a furniture look which I really like - but seems like it would require some extra effort to find the rings for easy opening. If not too much hassle to use, I would definitely keep them!

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I really like them, but I think that maybe having them on every single kitchen cabinet might be too much. I'd look at maybe just having them on upper cabinets.

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I love them, unique. Special! Would not change them. Buy new dish towels instead.

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Haha! Thanks johnnycabot, I guess I can always use new dish towels.

Appreciate everyone's feedback. If/when I make any changes, I'll be sure to post back.

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i think they really hinder function. they would be fine on a hutch or cabinet that isn't used often, but they'd drive me nuts when rushing around trying to gather ingredients and other necessities. also, having all the hardware the same always looks too static for me.

i have simple drop pulls on my hutches and they're still functional because i don't have to worry about grabbing a little ring.

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I like them. The main reason it works for me is because of the decor on top of the counter. Now if you had just plain cannisters or a coffee pot there, it wouldn't work.

The lions are part of the decor theme. If you plan to use the same theme then go for it!

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Dear Eros,

Here is how one person (re) used the lion pulls you have in your kitchen -- to store earrings.

From the DesignSponge website:

Yes, I think they are too busy for use in the kitchen.
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My first thought when I saw this thread was the same as Kate's, that they're not very practical pulls for a kitchen, that you'd want something easier on drawers and cabinets that are frequently opened.

Also that they don't really fit a kitchen but more perhaps dining room furniture.

Might be fun to get tiny picture frames and put pics of faces of family members, or different flowers, then hang them from the ring using a pretty ribbon, then hanging them on a wall in a vertical pattern, or something like that. They're definitely cool enough to find an interesting use for!

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Are they new or vintage/antique? I've only seen them used on older furniture, not on cabinets. IMO, they're a furniture hardware and are a little too much(maybe decorative?)for cabinets.

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I like them, but that is partly because I am tired of seeing the most common choices today (including my own).

I do also wonder, if you remove them, will it be discolored underneath, and will the new binpull cover it?

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LOVE that they are unique and not like everyone else's hardware.

Used to like cup pulls - until I started seeing them everywhere.

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While reading your message, I didn't think I'd like them, but seeing the pic, I think they're unique. However, I would not like them on every cabinet or drawer. Why not keep them on the upper cabinets, which are more visible, and put something new on the lowers and drawers?

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Kate, I really like your drop pulls and have considered them for the cabinet doors. But to be honest, there really isn't much of an issue with opening the cabinets with the ring pulls. They are actually easy to grip. By the way, your crown molding is gorgeous.

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