Kitchen Faucet

tim45z10April 22, 2011

Does anybody happen to know how the inner workings of a faucet with a spray hose work? When the water is on and I activate the spray, I only get a slow flow out the spray nozzle. Then when I release the spray, the main faucet doesn't flow at all. I have to turn off the water and wait a short spell for the faucet to flow again.

Thank you for your help


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Somewhere in that faucet there is a piece,normally brass, that moves up and down when you push the spray. It sounds like this piece is sticking. The only way I know to cure the problem is to take the faucet apart and find that piece and try cleaning it with somethink like vinegar.

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tim45z10, it may be that one phone call to the manufacturer gets you a new faucet. Call them.

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