Help!!!Range is higher than countertop

erika33March 20, 2011

I have a BIG problem. My floor was recently installed and now my range is taller than my counter. I installed the rectified porcelain and since my floor was not leveled it had to be raised quite a bit.

The height from the floor to the countertop is 35". All the ranges that I can find are 36".

Adding plywood on the bottom of the cabinets is not a possibility as all the top countertops are already in and if I raised the granite that would mean that the distance between the countertop and the bottom of my cabinets would shorten plus all of the electrical would be affected too...Ughhhhh please any other suggestions????

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Circus Peanut

Are you sure it will be a problem? In general you do want the range to be slightly taller than the counter, so that crumbs and detritus don't get brushed off onto the stove. Mine's almost an inch higher than the counters and it's been great that way.

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My range has these little riser that can turn to lower or
raise it up to an inch. Check and see if yours has this too.
My range also has these massive grates that make it seem
like it is 3 inches taller than the counter next to it.
A range about 1 inch higher than the counters will look normal.

See these ranges below...But if after still want it
exactly the same level. (Let assume no risers)
then maybe the tile installers can take out the
tile under the stove. Find out that way you can have
exactly what you want. I remember being upset about these
kinds of details too. Hang in there, we will find a
solution. I am sure there are others on GW who had this

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On the same topic, but reversed:
Mine is currently lower by several inches. I have them coming back to fix it, but it will affect the vent hood height. They had trouble installing the vent hood high enough, so they lowered the legs of the stove. Then they figured out how to raise the hood, but forgot to also raise the stove. I approved the vent hood height at 31", without realizing that the stove was approx 2-3 inches below counter height because the counters had not been installed.
Other than crumbs, is there any other reason low would not work? I am 5'5" and think it might be convenient to have it lower than average. Luckily, I asked for the extra inch height for the hood, so if it comes up 2 inches, I should be ok with the distance to our hood. Any thoughts?
Sorry if this is a hijack, but it is a similar area of concern.

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Thank you boxerpups (love the pics) and circuspeanut!!! I guess with all of this remodeling going on, I can't even remember how my range was

I think that I will leave it the way it is since I really don't want to have the tile removed.

Now my next issue is whether to get a freestanding or a goodness decisions, decisions,

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BTW Boxerpups is the first picture your range??? If so what brand is your range? It's soooo pretty.

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Dianalo, a range lower than the surrounding counters might be a fire hazard. I made my counters 37" and had to raise the range to meet them.

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Hi Erika22,
I am glad the pictures helped. That pretty range above is
not mine. I have a Bosch. I love my bosch but...check out
the below gardenweb links before you make your choice.

I believe (but could be way off) that a Slide in is
designed to adjust to fit in but a free standing range
may be harder to fit in. That is what I have learned but
there is so much information out there I am sure others
have found free standing to work.

What's the difference between Free Standing and Slide In

Free standing vs slide-in ranges

Freestanding, 'pro-style' induction range?

48' Range...Viking or Wolf?

What are easiest to clean range tops?

Traditional 4 oven AGA cooker

Here is a link that might be useful: Anyone have a Bosch Range

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That first range is a Bertazzoni--I think they are just beautiful--I've said before you don't have to cook to love that look. They are the pretty. Roccogurl has one and has posted about it on the appliance forum if you need more information.

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