spice into underground plastic

ionized_gwApril 29, 2013

I have a line that is used for surface water drainage that I want to tap into to add a catch basin. It is a 4" line. I will probably not put the catch basin into that line directly, but install a Y and put the catch basin at the end of 4-5 feet of added pipe.

The question is, how does one typically do this kind of splice? If I cut to the actual length of the Y to fit it in, I get no lap at the joints. Do I cut the existing pipe so that the Y fits partially lapping and fit it on that way or is there another way to make it work?

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Fernco couplings.

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Thanks, I looked and found underground-rated Fernco couplings right away. I've seen Ferncos, but I thought they were for indoor/above ground. If I do it correctly, I should only need one for this project.

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If you can find a Y you are good to go, I don't think you will find them in a big box store, go to a commercial supply house if they will sell retail to you.

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Thanks, I was thinking more of:
solid 45 degree wye
solid bushing
straight Fernco

Shouldn't that work?

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