Basement tub strange drain

KenS85April 25, 2013

I'm renovating a basement apartment of a building I bought. Today I realized there was a 5 or so inch hole in the floor with a cap on it. I opened it up and there's 8 inch or so of water sitting in there. When I turn on the water in the tub the hole fills up higher but always at least an inch or 2 from over flowing. Anyone know what this is for? Do I need to be concerned with it backing up or over flowing? See the picture to better understand. Thanks.

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I'd suspect that it's a clean-out access.
With the cap left on it, it won't overflow. Remove the cap when the drain line is clogged, it probably will.

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It's likely a drum trap (for the tub). You have that instead of a P-trap. That's where you would clean it out or insert a snake, as necessary. Make sure to retain access for it.

BTW, if someone were to drop a wedding band, etc. down the tub drain, that's about as far as it will go.

Here is a link that might be useful: drum trap

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I think your right. I showed it to a friend and he said the same thing. Thank you.

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Just for a third it's a clean out, good to have, someone was thinking ahead which should make you feel good as the previous owner knew what they were doing.

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