Help!! Toilet won't flush completely!!

1coolwhipApril 2, 2012

Toilet is swirling, but doesn't seem to have the pressure to completely flush. If I pour water down as it flushes, it goes down fine. It never backs up, and no amount of plunging changes things, so I doubt it is a clogged line. The basement toilet is directly underneath and works just fine. I tried replacing the kit, snaking the toilet, using chemicals for toilet clogs....nothing is working. I just bought the house, and it was vacant for a couple of years. It worked just fine for a couple months, then just stopped. Any ideas??

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Since your line is verified clear, your problem is inside the toilet tank. When you flush, the flapper at bottom of the tank should open up and allow the entire contents to flow out of that big opening at the bottom before it closes and seals again. If it did that, your flush would be complete. I'm suspecting bad flapper and/or bad fill-level. Don't know. Not there.

You obviously don't understand how things work in there and from cyber-distance, I can't be positive I'm steering you straight either. Suggest you get someone in there who understands how these things work and let them make it right. I have little doubt the problem is a simple/cheap one.

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Check the holes in the toilet rim. If they are clogged, you will get slow flow into the toilet bowl and it won't flush properly. Also check the toilet tank and clear out any sand/debris.

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Check the inside back wall of the toilet tank and you will see a "water level" line either printed on the wall or embossed into the ceramic. Make sure the fill valve is properly adjusted to fill the water to that line.

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