Scalewatcher for hard water

slimethingApril 14, 2012

It was recommended starting my own thread instead of polluting another.

I was here a few years ago looking into fixing our hard water problem and ran across this thread.

I never purchased one, but we did do a complete remodeling of our home. During the past two years with virtually all new appliances, sinks, faucets, tub, toilet....basically everything that uses water (including geothermal which is integrated with the electric water heater), they've gradually come under attack to the point of requiring the kitchen faucet be overhauled and everything else losing performance. Cleaning the iron stains was long past a royal pain.

So, first we installed an iron filter and a chemical feeder (chlorine) for the bacteria. I don't have the test results handy, but rest assured the scale buildup, iron staining, smell etc. was bad. The water didn't taste very good either. The link to the place that set me up with the filter system available upon request. I installed myself.

Now with the water nice and clean, we still had 15 gpg CaCO3. Not having enough room for a traditional water softener (or the willingness to maintain one) I opted to give Scalewatcher a try.

I took several pictures of the water heater element, dishwasher, faucets (kitchen and bath) etc. This is an experiment, so please no "experts" guaranteeing me it is a scam.

I'll try to remember to check back if/when there are positive results or not. Otherwise send me an email as a reminder in a few months.

Question: how does a company stay in business for 24 years selling a product that doesn't work? I'm just sayin'

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"Question: how does a company stay in business for 24 years selling a product that doesn't work?"... ask P.T. Barnum

Descaling technology does work. It works in specific circumstances in different degrees when correctly applied. If your circumstances are in that range and the descaling hardware you chose achieves what you're looking for then you get what you want.

Since you decided to give the Scalewatcher a try let us know how it goes.

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