Just got water test back, what size softener do we need

marlinmanApril 3, 2011

We are on city water, we are building a house with 2 extra large showers and 2 tubes. Its me, the wife and our 2 daughters. My wife really wants a softer so I sent our water off to affordablewater.com to have it tested. The house is plumb for a water softener so install will be easy. The problem is I talked to a local water expert who tested the water and said that we needed a 30,000 grain system and affordable recommends a 40,000 gran. Neither asked us about our water usage habits. Anyway I want a Fleck9100 sxt Twin tank. What size system should we get?

Your water test results are: Hardness - 12gpg

���������������������������������Iron ����- Trace (less than .5ppm)

���������������������������������PH Level - 7.7

���������������������������������TDS �����- 275ppm (total dissolved solids)

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You can use tanks 8"x48" (0.7 cuft per)tanks, or could go to the larger size of 10"x54" (1.5cuft).

Is your plumbing 3/4" at the softener? Have you considered a carbon prefilter?

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