Coconut oil seems to help with dog allergies and skin problems

elphaba_gwSeptember 14, 2006

Wanted to report some very positive and interesting results from giving my 10 year old German Shepherd dog 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (Spectrum organic) with her food twice per day. She also gets vitamins. She had developed a rather bad odor and I was worried we were going to have to put her back on steroids but don't think its going to happen.

I tried the coconut oil in desperation. I wanted to get her off the Benedryl which she had been on for 4 or 5 months. I didn't think that could be good for her.

I am also taking the coconut oil myself. Does seem to provide a "satiation factor" for me but lots of calories so we will see, nothing I can report about my own health but I'm definitely going to continue with this for my pup.

Background on her problems: she developed some serious skin problems apparently as a result of allergies that required steroids starting last November. I eventually got her on Benedryl, lots of Benedryl and also bathed her twice per week with medicated shampoo and was able to drop the steroids but it has been hit or miss. And an odor has pretty much stayed with her unfortunately, not overwhelming but still very unpleasant (and I'm sure for her too.)

We had an allergy test taken which didn't indicate severe inhalant or flea allergies so we have had her on a special hypoallergenic diet. She hasn't gotten worse but she started to lose a lot of weight so that was when I got desparate and felt I had to get her off the Bendryl. I read that Coconut oil can be good for a dogs skin as well as other dog problems.

Voila! - I swear she seems like she is doing a lot better. Odor seems to be completely gone and it has been 4 days since we bathed her last. Wanted to share since I know a lot of you have dogs with allergies.

I had hoped to start feeding her raw dog food and bought Bravo, some of the pre-packaged raw food with veggies. She has a history of teeth problems so I didn't want to give her bones. Well, even though I paid quite a bit for the Bravo brand raw meat mix, she doesn't like it so at least she eats the hypoallergenic kibble so got her back on that.

She will also eat raw hamburger but I'm not sure how to set up a diet for her that will incorporate other food besides just hamburger. We're going back to the vet on Friday for some more blood tests. I will ask then about the raw diet.

Anyway, she still itches a lot, and she drinks a whole lot of water so might be Cushings but she is definitely better taking the Coconut oil than not.

Just wanted to share.

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Coconut oil ...hhhuuummmm, I have never heard of that. I am a firm believer in "why take a drug if a food can do the same thing". My Akita has allergies too, she used to dig blody holes in her face and chew raw patches on her tummy and under her legs. She cant tolerate steroids at all they make her crazy and anxious. I started her on my Mangosteen juice mainly for her joint pain but it seems to have really helped her allergies too (it sure helped mine). She is still itching a lot but no where near as badly. I will look into the Coconut oil and see if that helps her even more.
Thanks for the tip!

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There was an article in Whole Dog Journal recommending coconut oil for dogs. It said to start out with 1/4 teaspoon and gradually work up to a full spoonful. Just read the label and be sure it's not at all hydrogenated.

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I give my 2 German shepherds 2 tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil and I have seen a huge improvement with my female's allergies. As far as the raw diet goes, Dr. Pitcairn's Guide to Natural health for dogs and cats is great for starting out. It had excellent recipes you can mix with their kibble or recipes for cost-effective all raw diets. My dogs love it!

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Did your vet check her thyroid? This can cause skin issues in dogs and can also explain her loss of weight. It's a very simple test, have her tested if she hasn't already been.

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I never thought of giving it to my dog. I use it for everything! I will give her a tablespoon a day. She is always after me when I use it as a moisturizer.

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