Recommended Vent pipe slope

sunroomguyApril 10, 2011

i have 3- 2" PVC lines stubbed up in the attic that i need to tie together for the plumbing vent. i know i have to increase to 3" when pentrating the roof. what is the minimum reguires slope? is there a maximun distance? i have one 40' from the other 2 with plenty of truss height.i prefer to have one stack instead of two. thanx

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What is vented by those two (assumed to be new) 2" vents?

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The vent must be sloped at a minimum of 1/4" per foot down from the roof vent to the vertical riser in the house.

Under the IRC you have to increase the entire vent one nominal trade size if the total developed length of the vent exceeds 40'

Under the UPC you have to increase the entire vent one nominal pipe size if the horizontal offset exceeds 3'.

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