My dog ate wood from our fireplace...Need Help!

eagles20August 6, 2008

We recently cleaned out our fireplace and dumped the pile of ashes and burnt wood where we dump our grass clippings. My dog got loose outside and shortly after returning she was vomiting a black substance. Trying to go through and figure out everything she could have eaten I came up with the possibility that she ate the fireplace dumpings. She has thrown up 5 times so far each time with a black charcoal like substance? Anyone have any suggestions other than taking her to the vet? Could this harm her?

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Your dog could have poisoned herself and needs to see a vet a.s.a.p.

This much throwing up can cause all sorts of problems.


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Suggestions other than taking her to the vet?

Get her to a vet asap, or reconcile yourself to her early demise.

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I hope your dog is better this morning. If not, you would probably want to visit a vet, given that it sounds like she ate a lot of it. Wood ash is very alkali, which could be harsh on her digestive tract if she ate a lot. If she gulped it down in quantity, she may have gotten a larger piece that is stuck in her gut.

My old lab had a weak tummy and she LOVED to eat BBQ ash. We didn't allow it, but every so often she'd get into it and nibble a little down. Funny though, it never made her throw up. When she was young we use to get charcoal dog biscuits at a local pet store; for her weak tummy and bad breath and we always figured that was why she would try to get into the charcoal and ash- to sooth her tummy. If your dog is not normally one who eats "stuff" she shouldn't, then she may have some other digestive issues that are driving her to eat things like that.

Good luck.

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Other than taking her to the vet...I'd probably CALL my vet at a minimum... to see what they would recommend.

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Thank You for your kind and understanding post from quasifish! To all you other responses... If you would like to come over to my house at midnight and watch my kids so I can take the dog to the vet be my guest! Some times there are good reasons why you can not immediately take an animal to the vet. That's why I tried this forum to see if this ever happened to any other pets before. FYI elly nj... She is still alive today.

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What did the vet say?

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Didn't even require a visit to the vet. By morning she had stopped vomiting, appetite returned and was never lethargic. They said to still cont. to monitor her for a little longer. This is a dog who also ate a whole box of tacks one time and surprisingly had no problems from that either.

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What did the vet do after he ate a whole box of tacks?

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We had to wait/watch until they all came out and then hope there were no obstructions or punctures. It was a brand new box so I new exactly how many were consumed. I just had to count them when they came out. Amazing that nothing happened to her!

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My dog was trying to throw up and this morning I found her vomit and it looks like wood...and a treat I gave her. Was wondering if I should wait it out cuz I don't have money for looked like after she vomit she was back to herself but at night she was feeling like she needed to throw up. Any suggestions?

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