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petra_gwApril 21, 2011

We are doing a kitchen remodel and when the demo guys ripped out the cabinets, they pointed out the plumbing didn't look too good. So I called a plumber who replaced a couple of the pipes and rerouted another pipe to point up to fit the new sink. 2 plumbers showed up, but the second one just stood around and handed tools to the first.

All in all, they were here for 1.5 hours and charged $268 for technical labor. My husband thinks this is very excessive, so I thought I'd check with the plumbers who post on here. I don't want to say anything to the plumbing company unless that charge is way out of line. Thanks for any input!!

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I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. In my experience with plumbers, that is on the cheap side. Keep their phone number in case you need more work....

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That would be a bargain around here (NJ). I've found that 2 workers always show up when you hire any of the trades, one is the helper -- hand tools, carries things, sweeps up, etc.

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The entire bill was $393, including materials. Okay, I'll tell hub we got a bargain, many thanks for the feedback. :o)

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That's alot of materials. The labor sounds like a bargain, if they actually used $125 in pipe and fittings.

I got involved with a shower remodel where the plumbing company (the Big infamous "rooter" corporation) charged $6,000 to sweat in 2 shower valves. I provided the valves and everything except a handful of fittings. The plumber completed the job in 8 hours by himself, with out a helper. I paid about $350 for the parts I provided. The handful of fittings might have totalled $20. That plumbing company ripped off the customer.

You got a sweet deal.

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They replaced 2 thin copper pipes with joints, each about 10 inches long, and about 10 inches of plastic pipe, and capped them off pending the sink hookup. They also left a hot water valve and a cold water valve for the new sink connection. There was some welding involved too. They also had to cut out a piece of drywall to access the plumbing. They are usually quite reasonable (we've called them before and hubby even tipped), so I would be surprised if some of the charge was bogus.

That shower incident sounds like quite a rip-off, I knew there was a reason we stay away from Roto R. :o)

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Of the two plumbers that I usually use, one charges $91.50/hour and the other charges $100/hour for the journeyman. Neither one charges for the apprentice. I'm in a very competitive marketplace (west), where I can usually have a plumber on site within 2 hours. Your market conditions may differ.

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