Sharp Drawer MW=steam damage to cabinet?

socalsisterMarch 21, 2013

I am considering a drawer microwave, but I've read online that the newest Sharp drawer microwaves were redesigned to have hidden vent louvers (behind the face of the door). The door blocks any steam so it is directed toward the adjacent cabinet doors which, over time, damages the cabinetry. The poster was a designer who said her client contacted Sharp engineers, but the issue was left unresolved.

I will have painted cabinetry so the steam is a huge issue. I don't want the older model since the newer model (without the vents) has a deeper drawer interior.

Do you have a newer model of the microwave (the one WITHOUT the vents on the door), and if so, have you noticed any issue with steam?

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I wonder how much steam actually is released. With the things I microwave there usually isnt a ton of steam. I would figure most steam would stay in the drawer and be released when the drawer opens. Wipe down and wet surfaces after you finish with the microwave and you'll be fine.

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Thanks for your reply realism. The designer mentioned that her client microwaves frozen food about 7 min at a time (a frozen dinner?) frequently and the adjacent cabinet was being hit by steam regularly. I tend to reheat large dishes (hence my desire for a large m/w) so the time would be similar. I could wipe it down at the end, but it is the heat/steam that would be hitting the cabinet during reheating that worries me...

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Uhoh. I have an older model not in place yet. I hadn't heard of this issue and will check where my vents are. Just checked mine in the garage mine has the vents on the front so shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for the heads up.

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I've had the newer 24" Insight Pro model for 16 months. My cabs haven't sustained any damage, and I do not ever see steam released anywhere. We do not, however, eat MW meals. I reheat leftovers, defrost an occasional english muffin, and melt butter in mine. I've never heard any issue about steam from a MWD damaging cabs, and I've been here quite a while. Many, many of us here own them.

Oops! Need to put my Meyer lemon curd away.

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