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karkalecApril 25, 2011

Hi There,

I'm a total amateur and am trying to get my tub drain to stop water so my little girl can take a bath. I removed the face plate and there was no part of an old linkage assembly behind it except a cotter pin left over. I stuck a coat hanger down in the hole and could fish out nothing, although I did get the coat hanger stuck for a few heart-stopping seconds.

This morning I bought a Danco tub drain linkage assembly at Home Depot. I noticed it was the only option they had and assumed they were standard size for that reason. When I tried it out it did not stop the flow of the water out of the drain. I tried adjusting it to various lengths including making it as long as possible so I could feel it resting on the bottom of the pipe (it went in very smoothly and I couldn't feel any parts of the old assembly down there when I was feeding it in). Water still drains out of the tub regardless of where the drain stopper is. Anybody have any idea why this is so?



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Justin -

I'm assuming you have a fiberglass tub. Doesn't really matter though... You have already stated that the control for the Drain/Fill is not working.

Unless you have access to the bottom, and the front of the tub - you are NOT going to fix that. The portion which the stopper goes into - has a nut underneath it; and a flange on the top - it is then screwed (literally) onto the tub. Sealant is applied to the bottom during installation - so that it does not leak. And then a drain pipe and controls connect to all of that; including the pipe holding the control to pop up or close the drain...

Since your tub does not have a working stopper... First, make sure the tub stopper area is clean and smooth.

Then, either a flat Rubber stopper which can be placed over the top of the bottom of the tub (water pressure ends up sealing) can be used... Or a rubber stopper fitting tightly into the opening can be used... or something like the following can be used...

Not too bad of a price...

Look around, it is available various places.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tub Stopper

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Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I checked into the Flip It, and the only problem I can see is my wife drops hair like a Wookie. The Flip It appears to have no way of screening hair out, so I will probably opt for one of the rubber stoppers and replacing the mesh in the drain when the shower is in use. Thanks again.

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If your tub drain is fairly old and a standard brass drain, you might be on the right track with that Danco part. They block water that enters the drain horizontally coming from the tub drain, so basically the SIDE of the cylinder is what blocks the water when it gets to the proper height. Too high or too low and it doesn't work. If it's in too far, the water just passes through the cylinder on it's way down into the trap. Before fastening it to the overflow, test it with water by hand as you insert it slowly more and more. If you succeed in blocking water, then work backwards to set the height, etc.

If you have a PVC waste and overflow (look inside the overflow to see if it's PVC), it may not work.

On the other hand, there are shallow-height metal strainers that drop into the drain, yet allowing a stopper to be inserted above them. These allow you to use the stopper without removing them or switching back and forth, etc. Check an old hardware store for these. (HD does not carry the one I'm talking about.)

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Come to think of it, the right height is roughly equal to the vertical distance from the top of the overflow to the cross-hair in the drain (or, alternatively, the center of the overflow to the bottom of the tub drain below the cross-hair. Something like that.

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