paint color help--peacock verde

suzan30March 12, 2010

Does anyone know a good color to go with peacock verde granite? I am thinking that a nice green is the way to go, but do you have other suggestions? I've looked at a zillion different colors and am now completely confused!

Thanks so much.

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I just used a Duron 'Colors of Historic Charleston Collection' blue-green called "Comingtee" with my Verde Butterfly granite. It looks fabulous and I think it is worth a look for you. Just google what I have above. (I don't know how to link, sorry.) It is greener than it looks on my monitor, but definetly blue-green. SW bought out Duron, so you can get the Duron brochure and sample at SW. There also is a peacock color.

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I think a darker green would look awesome. And with having some gold in it you could even use a warm yellow. I found a pic of verde peacock. Is this the right color?

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I have verde peacock, and I love it, it really looks black, not green.
I love gray greens, but would not use green with this granite.I would use Decatur Buff, or a golden tan. Maybe Wilmington Tan, or Shellburne Buff. My walls are a shade darker than Powell Buff, and I may repaint Decatur Buff, which is currently in the sunroom.

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We used RL Gold Finch yellow and it looks great! I think it really depends on how much green YOUR stone has and how much light you get in your space that will dictate just how well a green will work. Our particular stone is pretty dark in most lighting, but in the morning, that sunlight shines in and the emerald green background of our stone is more visible. For that reason, with as much as a I would LOVE to have a green kitchen I'm refraining.

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We have Butterfly Verde granite countertops and have painted different rooms in Stuart Gold and Olive Branch. Both colors work well with the granite.

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The ad below shows a room with Peacock Verde. I believe that's the color granite I have in my kitchen and MB and I've used a rusty red and dark tan with it. Both colors look good.

As lukkiirish said, it depends on how much green your stone has. Mine only shows the green flecks in the MB under the brightest of light, and then you have to look for it!

Is the granite already installed?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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We have this granite with medium brown cabinets and we painted Duron Tobacco Road and I absolutely love it.
I usually hate all the paint colors that I pick, but this time it came out awesome. If you google it, you will get lots of info about it.
I love my granite as well.

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