anyone know about dexdromitor?

ilmbgAugust 3, 2009

I would like to research the sedation dexdromitor- I didn't come up with anything with Google.

My vet uses it for teeth cleaning, and it worked well for my small dog. It is reversable, so it is great to get a wide awake dog an hour later.

Any techs here?


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What do you need to know about it??

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It's dexdomitor. It's an alpha-2 agonist, which causes sedation. I personally don't think it is appropriate as the only medication for a proper dental prophylaxis, as it provides no analgesia and only sedates (the animal will still move with painful stimulus- dangerous when probing gumline). It is great as a pre-anesthetic medication to provide sedation prior to anesthesia, and combined with an analgesic it does great for short low-pain procedures. But I wouldn't used it for a dental alone. I do like the fact that it's reversible, usually within 15 minutes. Can't use it in animals with heart or kidney disease because it causes decreased heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure.

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I see I added an 'r' to the word...
Yes, my dogs teeth were very minimaly dirty, as I brush them regularly. She didn't need a deep clean.
The drug was new when used, and I understand dex was added to it to induce a deeper anesthesia.
In some respects it is similar to the conscious sedation that we use in the ER- reversable.
Maghane- don't vets use a topical for the gumline when cleaning?

Thanks for the info- now that I will having the proper spelling I can research better.

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No, we don't use a topical analgesic because none have been shown to work for dentals. We do use nerve blocks for extractions or for animals with severe gingivitis or who need major work (root canal, mass removal, etc.). But that requires careful placement of a needle into very specific areas of the gum- not something you want to try in an animal that is only sedated.

I haven't used dexdomitor to induce deeper anesthesia because I have all my patients intubated and on isoflurane gas for surgery and dentals. If they need more anesthesia, I just turn up the gas.

I haven't found the dexdomitor to be significantly different from the older drug, domitor, except for the dose.

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