Vintage drainboard sink over DW

mama goose_gw zn6OHMarch 6, 2013

I'm posting this thread because I have, on occasion, seen other threads where someone was asking if a vintage sink can be installed over a dishwasher, and I'd like to add this one to the GW collective wisdom.

I found pictures on the Old House Dreams website, of a custom remodeled kitchen, with a very well done (IMO) example. The DW and cabinets under the sink appear to be the same width (24"?), with the sink centered. The fridge cabinet on the right creates a break that's repeated by the left edge of the DW, and the upper cabinet appears to be the same width as the fridge cab. The whole group is centered on the window.

I think I would have used a paneled DW for an integrated look, matching the door/drawer fronts of the adjacent cabinets, but the owner may have wanted to tie in the SS fridge.

The kitchen is also a good example of the 'cabinets to the ceiling' vintage style. And since we all love vintage stoves, too, here is the stove wall:

Here is a link that might be useful: 1906 California Craftsman

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I looked at the listing and that is a lovely home. I love the woodwork and big floor grates. I was a little disappointed the grate wasn't more decorative. My inlaws have round cast iron ones that are beautiful.

I do love that kitchen and especially the sink. I wish my in laws would have taken care of their old sink which is similar.

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Thanks for posting. I love it and am just now struggling with what to do for a sink for my 1916 house.

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Good catch.

The trick is finding a sink from the '30s or later. Earlier sinks are farm-style sinks with a front apron that won't permit a normal DW, though you might be able to finagle a drawer DW or two under there. What's nice about the sink in that photo is that the drainboards are flat with no front apron, yet it still has the more rounded backsplash of the earlier sinks.

Boy, never saw anything like that house when I visited SD. Wonder where it is.

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Circus Peanut

FABulous taste in stoves, of course.

Thanks mama_g! Keep the eye candy coming.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Thanks, all, the actual real estate listing says the house is located in South Park, Metro Central area.

Here's a pic (click for larger image) of arlosmom's wonderful sink, which illustrates Marcolo's point:

If you scroll down in Marcolo's vintage sink thread, you'll find another pic of arlosmom's sink, and lots of other info on vintage style sinks.

And another one (possibly from the 1930's-40's?), without apron, found at KeepingItCozy blog:

I wouldn't want the DW that close to a wall (mine is a whopping 13" from side cabinets), but I'm impressed that she was able to fit it in at all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen at KeepingItCozy

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