I dont understand people

mountain_ladyAugust 21, 2012

I was coming home from town and was driving on our 23 miles of dirt road hell . and after I came past the river I saw this green car a head of me. I was not driving as fast as I Normally would on this road. One its very dry here and the roads need to be plowed . and the dust makes it hard to see. Well little ways down the road the car pulled over and opened the door and out cames something . from where I was i didnt know what it was . as soon as they dropped what ever it was they drove off like a bat out of hell. kicking up dust and rocks. as i came up to where they pulled over OMG there is a 2 little gray kittens in the middle of the road. I pull over and try my hardest to pick them up. after I get the two kittens in my pickup i see one more cat. this one is bigger. I try my hardest to get it in the pickup. after about 30 mins of trying I get this adult cat in the pickup . after i get home I find out its a little girl and little boy kitten and a mother cat. that to me feels like she is full of more kittens. because Of our bengal not likeing any other cats of any kind I put them out in our barn. taking out a bowl of water and some cat food . I know my husband will not like the cats out in the barn so I am going to have to rehome them. but I really dont understand people . how in the heck can someone do that ????

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Because some people are morons. Thank you for taking care of them .

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Morons is too kind a term for people like that....

Thank you for stopping and taking the time it took to gather up all three. Lucky you were there at the right time!

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well I am hoping that i can find homes for them soon. I feel bad that they have to live outside . :(

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She'll adapt to the barn. It's so much better than being left out in the middle of no-where to fend for herself. Poor thing would probably never be able to sustain herself. Feel good that at least she has a private place she'll feel safe to nurse her kittens. I wouldn't want her around my cat either, not knowing about her medical history. Can you find a foster cat mom that would take the family around your area or a no-kill shelter? Two kittens is a small litter. I hope she doesn't need medical attention if she's some them stuck in there. It's been a long long time since I saw kittens birthed but they all came out at once.

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the 2 babies that are with the mother cat are older. They are not nursing of her .I would say they are 3 to 4 months old. But she is Full of Babies. I would say with in the next month she will have her babies. And We dont have shelters around us. I would have to drive little over 100 miles to take them to one . and I am sorry I cant do that. I have posted them online with them and I can hope we find someone that is looking for a cat . But if they dont go then they will be just barn cats. And its not that I dont trust bringing other cats into my house. My bengal (aku) dont like other cats. He gets very mean and beats them up. and in turns makes my life hell.

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Thank you so much for caring about those poor little cats. As Kittens said, they'll adapt to the barn. They didn't stand a chance otherwise. And they'll help keep your rodent population down. It might be worth it to call some of the shelters, even if they are far away. You might luck out and find someone willing to come and get them, or meet you somewhere to pick them up. They might also have other helpful suggestions. Unless you get them fixed tho, you'll have a large population of cats on your hands in no time at all. You probably know this, but be careful of people adopting from online. A lot of my friends work in rescues and I've seen many horrible stories about animals that are seemingly adopted by someone wanting to give them a good home but, instead, just want an animal to torture.

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O i know if they are not fixed I will have 100 cats in matter of a short time. But I will say they are not going to stay here. I tried to bring one of the kittens into the house and there was a cat fight from hell.my bengal will have no part in any cat coming in his house .
I have the shelter group looking to place them all along with the mother cat and her unborn babies . they are sending out a person next week to come get the kittens and other person to get the mother cat. We just hope they can find us.... :)

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I want to focus on a different thing. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO PICK UP ALL THOSE ANIMALS!!!!
I live in teh San Francisco Bay Area and people are forever dropping their cats off at the parks here. The cats are trapped and spayed or neutered and rereleased resulting in the local bird, small mammal and reptile populations (which have lived here for thousands of years) plummetting - so much so that there are no more quail or any other ground dwelling birds. The other disasterous aspect of dropping off animals is that some people see a couple of cats hanging out in the park, they seem to be healthy and so that person decides to drop off their animals, increasing the feral population by thousands. Feral animals are not healthy they are not happy, even if fed by a human. They are subject to disease, and predation by animals like racoons and coyotes. A pox on the mindless people who drop off an animal in the wild.

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...and a pox on the utter morons who neglect to spay/neuter their pets.

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