Is this guy abusing the puppy in this video?

needinfo001August 6, 2014

Is what this guy does in the video considered abuse or is it just to toughen up a pup?

watch the whole video to see what in talking about.

Here is a link that might be useful: dog abuse?

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IMO, yes, it's abuse. Why would someone ever think you need to 'toughen up a pup'? The guy on the bench is showing little compassion for the dog......and alternating from patting the dog to causing the pup to growl and snap is not teaching the dog anything positive. I would never trust the guy around pets or kids.
If this treatment continues the dog will end up with behavioral issues and the pup will one day be one of those dogs that bites (or worse) another person or child.

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Not exactly abuse, more like stupid treatment.

I agree there are many behavioral problems in store for that pup when treated like that.

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spedigrees z4VT

I agree with you Annz. It is both abusive and stupid.

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I fail to see anything in that three minute clip that would have me label his owner(s) abusive. I play like that with my pup, now 85+ pounds, every day. He loves it, and when it's "enough" I say so and give him a kiss and he calms down immediately. Try as they may, my kids can never get him to be rough like that with them, nor can the neighborhood kids. Funny thing, he'll grab a chew toy when they try, rather than bite them. At the dog park he'll play pretty rough with big dogs that are interested, leaves alone those who are not, and is extremely gentle and playful with the toy sized dogs. He'll get rough with my adult male friends if they egg him on, and he loves every minute of it right until someone announces that time's up.

If playing rough is abusive, then why do dogs get such a kick out of playing rough with each other? Like every other dog at the park, mine can't wait to get there and play. If playing rough is abusive, then "abuse" has led to me owning one of the best dogs I've ever known.

Here's my "toughened up" boy, in the harbor at the bottom of the dog park. He's the brown one in the water.

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spedigrees z4VT

When a dog enjoys rough playing with a human, he shows it. This puppy was clearly not enjoying being teased and tormented and held against his will by this human.

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I must have clicked on the wrong video.

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In part of the video, the puppy is trying to get away from the guy. So obviously, he does not enjoy being handled like that. Also, this looks like a pitbull/pitbull mix puppy. Because of public animosity toward pits, it's a really bad idea to encourage growling and snarling in an already feared breed.

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Looks like a pitbull. Yep. While we're at it let's admit the guy doesn't look like an honor student choir boy. So let's replace the pitbull with a puppy lab and the guy with a pretty young blonde. Let's replace the activity with the pretty blonde smothering the puppy with hugs and kisses, as the puppy tries to get away. As most young puppies tend to do. Let's keep some of the playful snarling.

In this scenario, would we be having a discussion about "holding the dog against his will?" For that matter, if the dog was pulling on a leash would we be having a discussion about holding him against his will?

If I saw that dog whimpering or cowering or with his tail tucked between his legs, I'd be on board. But if we put prejudices aside, I think we'd simply see a guy playing with his new puppy. Maybe a little rougher than you would prefer. But nothing that I think remotely resembles abuse.

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Biting that is cute/okay in a little pup can become much less so when the dog grows up and has not learned bite-inhibition. Why not use a tug toy or something similar to play without involving hands? With our pups, that resulted in lots of snarling and growling and shaking of the toys, but no hand-aggression. Whenever they tried to play- bite hands, we'd discourage them by saying "no" and offering a toy instead. As for smothering the puppy with affection when he wants to get away, also not cool.

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Petra - I totally agree that behaviors are learned and as responsible pet owners we're charged with drawing lines and raising our animal friends to be the best pets they can be. Just like kids. I have an issue with taking a 2:55 clip of a man playing rough with a dog - obviously amped up for the sake of video - and exploiting it as animal cruelty.

If a 2:55 clip is enough to judge, I'd rather be that dog than one whose master(s) leaves him/ her alone for 9+ hours every workday, or who take them to the park to impose ridiculous "training" while the rest of the lucky dogs thank their doggy God that they have an hour or so to be themselves and play with their friends.

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I agree the clip doesn't show animal cruelty, but someone who maybe doesn't have much experience with pups. Also agree the guy is likely showing off in front of his friends and hopefully tones things way down when he is alone with the pup. And also agree about the poor dogs being left alone all day and then not being allowed to enjoy the park. Rather like kids who are over-scheduled with activities instead of just enjoying playtime.

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I think we've ended up in agreement. :)

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I've had dogs that enjoy that kind of play.

That pup was NOT enjoying the treatment it was getting.

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