Can a sink be installed sideways on a sink base?

Kristen HallockMarch 13, 2013

I was planning a 24" sink base for a prep sink. The sink I am thinking about requires a 21" cabinet. I am wondering if I can go to a 21" cabinet but install the sink sideways? so that you actually stand on the side of the cabinet to use the faucet and stuff?

The cabinet would be at the corner of an island.

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Depends on the depth of the sink front to black. Typically, they are designed to take advantage of the full depth of the cabinet and are 22" front to back. Then turning them sideways only works if the sink base is a 24" wide one. It needs the clearance front to back. What is the overall sink size?

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Depends, I regularly put prep sinks (Franke ARX series) in that way. Have one in an 18" deep 27 wide cabinet at home.

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