Low pressure caused by single handle faucet?

westernbeeApril 26, 2010

We're in the middle of a kitchen remodel and among other things replaced the old two-handled faucet with a modern single-handled Moen faucet with pull down faucet. The kitchen is the furthest faucet from the pressure tank. The dishwasher is hooked into the line approximately 8' prior to the sink hook-up on that same line.

When I first installed the Moen yesterday (Sunday), the pressure was great. Today, it's a trickle. Every other faucet in the house is fine. The dishwasher connection on this line is fine, too - I just checked it. So pressure is excellent there, but 6-8' later it's a trickle.

Prior to installing the Moen, I did run both the hot and cold connections under the kitchen sinks into a bucket to ensure there was no gunk or whatever that had fallen in during remodel. Both connections were fine.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Good post. You've done most of the important work -- and described it -- already. There's an obstruction and you're very close to knowing exactly where it is -- at least within eight feet. Let's get closer.

I'm betting something's loose either in the faucet-head or in the control guts. This will tell you where to look next.

By "pull down faucet", I'm assuming you mean one of those that's connected to flexible line that can be pulled out a bit? Next step should be to disconnect that flex-line from the faucet and see what you've got flowing from it. Easy and takes seconds to accomplish.

If I've misunderstood the set-up, please disregard....except for the concept. There is an obstruction and you're very close to isolating and discovering it.

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begin by cleaning the screens in the aireator

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