Replaces Flap still running water in the toilet

giyerApril 30, 2010

I replaced a worn out flapper but the water still runs after I flush.

i noticed that if i shut the water supply off the water stops running. The tank level is full and the water level does not go down

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Does the water overflow into the overflow tube when the water is running?

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Hi, An interesting problem but I still think the solution is the hose to the over flow. It should not go down the pipe but secured above the top of the pipe or you will have siphon action. What makes it interesting is you shut off the water and it stops. I think it leaks untill the water level is below the hose in the overflow then it creates an air break and the leak stops.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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The trap primer line is tightly connected to the water fill valve and its only source of water is from inside the fill valve. It is a physical impossibility for the trap primer line to siphon water from the tank into the standpipe.

The post states that when the tank is full and he turns the supply valve off the flow stops and the tank stays full, so we can be certain that the flapper and complete flush valve assembly are ok.

The most logical cause of the problem is a defective fill valve which is allowing a small amount of water to seep by when it should be in the off position.

The cheapest solution would be to install a FluidMaster universal fill valve for about $10.

If it already has a fluidmaster fill valve then all you need to change is the diaphram, which can be found in any hardware for about $1.

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Hello lazypup,
You may be right, but I still would attach the hose over the top of the overflow because it's easier. If that failed then I would try your solution.
I fixed a lot of problems that way and all valves I have installed come with a clip and instructions to attach the hose above the overflow. Seems to work.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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