My Black Moor goldfish is turning golden

nick_b79August 2, 2007

I have had 3 goldfish, all 3" long counting their tails, in a 10-gallon aquarium along with a mini-algae eater for the past year. Everyone has been doing fine until the past 2 months, when I noticed my Black Moor was losing his black color along the belly. Not losing his scales, but the scales are changing color to gold. Currently his body is now mostly golden, with only black remaining along his upper half of the body, the fins and the eyes. The other two goldfish are a calico and a golden fantail, and neither one of these has shown any changes on their bodies. The mini algae eater is also doing well. Their food intake hasn't changed, and the water pH and nitrate levels are all normal. No one looks sick. Anyone know what's going on with my fish? Thanks.

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If diet, water chemistry and temp are fine then it's probably just genetics. He's probably from a line that had more gold than normal and it's just now showing up.

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I have a pond full of fancy goldfish, including three black moors. Goldfish start out black or brown and change colors later. This helps them hide while they're small enough to be eaten. I've had babies change colors while they are an inch or so long, and others that have taken three years to change.

Black moors usually keep their black color, but there are other colors of telescope-eyed fish and I suspect that's what you have. It probably just took him a while to change.

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it is normal for Black Moors to change to gold as they age. They do it at different rates but almost 100% do change.

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My Black Moor is almost Gold maybe a 1/2 inch is black up top

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