removing ink from PVC pipe

talley_sue_nycApril 1, 2012

I have a piece of PVC pipe that I'm using for a completely non-plumbing use.

Can the printing on the outside of the pipe be removed with anything, without clouding the finish?

There's the red ink w/ the info about the type of pipe, and then there's the black UPC code from Home Depot for the price.

Will either of those come off?

I've tried Goof-Off, WD-40, canola oil, latex paint remover, ink remover for laundry.

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Providing you are removing the writing to use the pipe for a non-plumbing application you may do so and its very easy. The PVC primer that we use to prep a joint will remove that writing. Inside the primer can there is a wool dauber attached to the lid by means of a wire. Just rub the writing with the wet dauber then wipe the ink off with a rag.

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I'm not sure it's worth the expense, but it's good to know that it will work!

It turns out that the way I've positioned it completely hides the writing, so I may leave it alone.

And it's SO non-plumbing! I cut a short length and set it on a shelf, and sticky-ed it to the wall, to set my electric screwdriver in so it won't fall over.

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"...without clouding the finish?"

You can use acetone, which is a component of the primer. Either WILL cloud the gloss on the pipe if you aren't quick about it.

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