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californiangardenerAugust 6, 2010

Hi All,

I thought I was going crazy until a friend of mine saw it too, but when the light hits my kitty's coat just right I swear I see very faint stripes on his body. Out of curiosity does anyone else have cats with these "ghost stripes" as well? They run up and down the side of his body. Just wondering if it was a common thing.

Also, does anyone have good recommendation for toys my cat can play with while I'm away at work? Or even when I'm at home but can't play with him right at that moment? I do vigorous play with my cat for at least 30 minutes a day, but he's young and curious and could probably use more play than that so I was hoping for suggestions of things to give him "to do" by himself.


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Lots of cats have shadow striping. I've seen some "solid" black cats and "solid" grey cats that have faint, barely detectable striping in their coats. Their's a kitten at the shelter (I volunteer) who is black, and not only has sahdow stripes, but her undercoat is practically white! Looks really neat.

As for toys, you have try out different ones to see what he likes or prefers. Some cats at the shelter love to play with small mouse toys, either the ones made w/ real fur (ick, but many cats do love toys made w/ real fur) or other types. Some at the shelter go nuts for small stuffed animal type toys (the ones covered with curly "hair" are a big hit!), and many (incl my own cats) LOVE pom-pom or soft fuzzy ball toys (just make sure the pom-poms are well-made (no loose yarn pieces). Mine also love those pet stages (?) toys--brightly colored 2-3" "fishies" with streamer tails. A bit more $ than some of the other toys, but mine love to play with them.


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My cats enjoy the 'Catch Me if you Can' (Walmart has them). It's a battery operated toy that spins around under a tarp erratically. You have to change the batteries frequently but the toy seems to hold their interest. They sell tunnels that were a big hit for my cats for quite some time until the novelty wore off. They still run do them once and awhile, though. I hooked 2 together so they have a long tunnel to buzz through. They make a crinkly sound when they run through them similar to paper bags which are always a delight.

I think that you have to keep experimenting with toys until you find what is a hit with your cat. I have a little box of toys accumulated, some they play with some they could care less about. Anything with real fur is preferred here opposed to synthetic. Only of three cats of mine like catnip toys. I have two Bengals that retrieve but they both have different interests. One loves the real fur mice and these plastic jaks I bought in the kids section at the dollar store. The other one loves balls, mainly those plastic colored balls with the slits. She spends a lot of time knocking them around the kitchen floor. (If you squeeze them, the annoying little bell inside comes out).

A window seat or a place for kitty to sit and watch the birds and squirrels helps keeps them occupied, too.

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Large paper grocery bags, boxes of all sizes, ping pong balls, pheasant feathers, Turbo Scratcher - these are favorite toys around my house.

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My four still play with the crinkly tunnel. Some more than others. They like the lightweight balls that they can bat around, the fur balls, and the round ring that has a ball inside that they bat round and round. Also, any box or paper bag is fought over.

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Isn't it funny how they all have their preferences? Yesterday kitty had so much fun playing with 1 popcorn kernel on the kitchen floor. She has no reaction to catnip though. I got her the scratcher linked below, and she loves it. She's a tiny cat and can actually crawl inside, which I don't think the manufacturer intended. It comes apart and she likes to play in it when it's apart because it's basically a box. She also likes shoeboxes, fishing pole toys.

Here is a link that might be useful: scratcher

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The little 'practice golf wiffle balls' are great. You can stuff catnip in the holes for extra fun.

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That's funny about the popcorn kernel, socks! One of mine is obsessed with acorns. She started carrying one in everyday and batting it around until it gets lost (probably under my fridge) then she brings in a new one the next day!

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Certainly better than mice getting lost under the frig!!!! Always amazes me that mice always know where to hide from four active kittens who bring them into the guest house.

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