Is a professional clippers worth it ?

toomuchglassAugust 31, 2010

I have a million questions tonight ~ LOL ** sorry ..... :)

This time I'm asking about clippers . I made a post before about my 16 year old Anna being too old & antsy to get professionally done. The replies were great .

This is my new concern - Here's Poppy ( again ! )

See the choppy scissor cut I gave her ? Poor dog ! LOL

She's a cocker mix (I'm guessing mixed with a rat terrier)I gave her a trim once - I thought it was just puppy Hair going wild. Now I See , her hair is going to keep growing like a cocker. ( I didn't plan on having another dog to groom ! )

I Want to know about clippers. Boy - are they expensive ! I imagine they are a good investment if you do alot of grooming . Here's my questions :

I have human hair clippers --- they won't even touch dog hair. Are dog clippers stronger / different ?

Are there different blades for different type hair ? Do they stay sharp ? Are there adjustments for "length" ?

Can the same blade be used on the whole body ? Is there a place that sells them for a good price ? She'll probably need a "Shaving" twice a year .What can you suggest ?

( Is there anyplace that sells used clippers for people like me that won't use it much ? )

Thank you - everyone ! Kathy

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I've used Andis clippers and the Oster Lucky Dog clippers. They're both the lower end of the brands and each had their faults. I ended up using the Oster for clipping the feet of my poodle and the Andis for body cuts. Both would heat up quickly so be sure to check the temp of the blades while you're trimming so that you don't burn the skin on your dog. No matter what brand you end up buying be sure to also purchase some spray coolant for your blades.

I don't see the need to purchase professional clippers for your dogs since you'll probably just be grooming every 4-6 weeks. If I had to do it over again (my dogs have since passed) I'd purchase the 2 speed Andis. I was able to use Oster blades with my Andis but I'm not sure which size blades are compatible with the 2-speed Andis.
Do some price checking and keep in mind that it may be better to buy the clipper and blades separately. If you don't get the blades you need in one of the kits, then you'll end up spending more money.
I found I needed only 3 blades. One for face and feet, a skip tooth for a 'first pass', and one for the finish body cut.

Check out the link below and especially their info on Description/List of Blades, and the Breeds Blades Chart.
I think it'll help you in your decision.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clipper blades

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I groom 2 standard poodles with an Andis clipper.

YES, the dog clippers are different from human hair clippers. They're not even remotely comparable. Being cheapskates, we tried the human hair clippers on our poodle. You cannot trim hair off a poodle with a Conair! LOL! The dog clippers have sharper, sturdier blades, a rotary motor that actually cuts instead of just vibrating...

The clipper is CHEAP if you use it to groom your dog rather than take her to the groomers. Poodles go every 6-8 weeks for around $75. The clipper pays for itself in around 2 grooming sessions.

At the time my husband bought it, we were just taking care of the first poodle, so we bought one of the cheapest models available at Andis Pro Pet or something like that, one speed. It was around $90 and might have been on sale at the time. There is now a $60 Pro Animal model and a $90ish model at the low end. Now that we have 2 dogs and use the clipper regularly, I wouldn't hesitate to spend $150-200 on a clipper, but the one we bought has been fine.

Ceramic blades are important; metal ones get too hot. The plastic guards that pop over the blades do not work on the thick curly poodle hair. So I bought a ceramic 3/4" which is the longest I could find, for allover the body. That was $25 or so and worth every penny. Professional groomers scissor all over for the lamb or sporting cuts, but I've done it both ways, and the clipper saves time and work for me on large areas. I then scissor the difficult areas like armpits, etc, to look just right. I use the #10 on the face and paws (very short).

We haven't had to sharpen the blades yet after 3 years or so of clips of 2 large poodles every 8 weeks. But when we need to sharpen, we'll get them sharpened or (more likely) buy a sharpener.

I also bought a good (but not high-end) grooming scissors, nail clippers, etc. It all pays for itself and is so much more convenient IMO than making an appointment with the groomer and waiting or shopping elsewhere for 3 hours till they're done.

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I have the Oster 2 speed for my two Bichons. I guess this clipper is the 3rd one I bought. I finally got tired of paying for the cheap ones and finally bit the bullet and got a good one. Yep, it was expensive, about $150.00 if I recall. Sounds like a lot doesn't it? Well, I think they charge from $30 to $40 dollars to groom Bichons in my area. Divide that into the price of the clipper and you'll see how inexpensive the clipper becomes. In 5 groomings (per dog!!) the clipper had easily paid for itself. I would never waste my time and money on the cheap ones. You won't be happy and the dog probably won't either.

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