Puppy potty training confusion

milo811August 14, 2009

Just adopted an 8wk old lab mix (small, currently 6 lbs). Been taking him out every 2 hours to go pee and poop in our backyard. Currently husband and I are on summer break but will be returning to work in about 2 weeks. He will be left alone for about 6 hours. Unsure how to proceed with the potty training since we've been taking him outside, don't want to confuse him by placing newspaper/peeing pad in a confined area.

Current idea: set up a confined area in the patio area w/his crate at one end. The other end, will place a patch of grass which will be his bathroom. This way, he will (we hope) continue to associate grass w/bathroom.

Concern about idea: He's outside, which I don't know if he should be since he would have only had his 2nd set of shots. Also, the grass is in the patio area, not further out. Will that confuse him?

Any other suggestions/ideas? I know I can't lock him up in the crate for 6 hours because he's only 2-3 months old, but there is no way that either of us can come home to take him out to elminate.

1st time pet owner, a lot to learn.

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My worry with leaving him on the patio is whether you have neighbors nearby that may become concerned about a crying puppy. The other is security and how safe he'd be from other animals, neighbors and/or children.

He's still very young and it will be awhile before he's truly house trained. If he were older, I'd say to put in a doggie door with the grass area nearby and limited space for him to roam. Puppies I fostered were usually housetrained at 3 months if they had a dog door.

Since he's so young, I'd set him up in a small room with his crate and the patch of grass in a shallow frame. If you think he may destroy the grass out of boredom, then check out the products made with synthetic grass.

As for vaccinations ....I would think he's safe in his own yard if other dogs don't have access.

Congrats on your new puppy! You're off to a good start!

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Forgot to include this link..........

Here is a link that might be useful: potty training

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How about using a pet care service until he is older, like Fetch? I use them and they are great. One visit a day or find a place you can drop him off for doggy daycare. The doggy daycare would be good for socialization too. Just make sure to find a reputable one.

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First, let me ask how is your pup doing with the potty training method you are using? Do you say PP when he is in the act? And another for #2? Does he understand this is business? How long before he gets it? or does he now?
I think you should stick to the program you have right now, take him out in the morning, maybe extend his walk a bit and not just let him out in the backyard - dog NEED leash walking and the stimulation of walksing, sniffing, etc. Once you finish a good 10 minutes walkies (since he is still little - increase walkies with age) set up the grassy area on the patio NOW and add that to the mix now, so he can go in the afternoon on his own, as soon as you get back from work - walkies, then again after dinner and another before bedtime. You are on the right track - good luck
PS let him get use to being on his own in the afternoons now, provide water and some puzzle toys to get treats out of - like a kong.

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