airborn odor removal What works?

bizabetAugust 10, 2011

I need some suggestions for making the stinky go away! One of my 'children' won't poop in the litter pan. He pees in his pan and in the communal pans, but seems to prefer to eliminate number 2 beside the pans. (Sometimes he poops in his private pan, and sometimes beside it with no pattern that I can see). Now fort'ly the poo is nice and solid so I let him poop on the litter catcher and clean up when I see it, but when I'm not there, the odor travels. So, suggestions? I cannot abide scented air fresheners--they just cover it. I want it gone! Has anyone tried those volcanic rock absorbers I've seen? Like the thought of those since they are renewable.

And BTW, this isn't a dirty pan issue, or a "need more litter pans" issue. Ike started this when his thyroid got out of whack. That's corrected, but the inappropriate poo is still with me.

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Zero Odor (I get it at BB&B) works great--it just eliminates odor, doesn't add any scent to the air. Can also be used on fabric (I think).

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