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misty_mornApril 21, 2010

The water pipes that were to go to the beverage center were installed (by mistake) into the island. They are across the room from one another. Before I got to the site of the construction, the cement floors with radiant heat were poured and set.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed. My plan was to place the coffee maker, margarita machine, sodas (in small cooler), etc in this area. The plumber has run a water line to the beverage counter/center. But there is no drain. I am still debating about putting a faucet in this area. If not a sink, I've also considered a large metal bowl to catch overflow from faucet, ice, etc. Crazy?? Does anyone have any other ideas, suggestions? Please---

Thanks in advance

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Code does not permit installing a faucet unless you have an approved drain.

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I'll go looking to see if potfillers are therefore not allowed by "Code".
Many taps for filtered water are low-flow.
Many are made with springs so the handle cannot stay on.
You can see them on the web by searching for "glass fillers"

The lack of a drain is still a big problem. Cleanup functions would require you to go somewhere else to change the water in a pail. (think coffee grinds!)

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