I have to groom my own dog now - HELP !

toomuchglassAugust 17, 2010

My Little Anna is 16 years old - Her mom was a Cocker Spaniel & her dad was a Bichon. ( A cock-a-bish? ) I dunno but she has thick, wavy - fine hair. Here she is ( needing a haircut ) !

Her long time groomer told me last time , she's getting to be too much to handle. She can't sit still any more . It's sit , stand , lay , sit , stand lay , bounce , turn , pull ...... My poor groomer is worn out from her. I'm guessing Anna's joints hurt if she's in one position too much . Now I have to do something myself. *sigh* I suppose I can scissor cut her alittle bit every day ... but what about around her butt area & face ? Shouldn't that be shaved ? She has Cherry eye and awful eye boogers - the groomer takes care of them and shaves her face.! Toenails are another thing I've never done to her.

I'm at a loss ... can you help me ?

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I wonder if you could give her something to ease her aches and pains when she is groomed. Most groomers do such a wonderful job that I think the pups must feel so much better after grooming.

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You maybe can find a more obliging groomer. Many salons max out their groomers so too much time can't be spent on any one client's dog. Yes they stand up and sit down and move around but geriatric dogs are part of the territory, and need to be accommodated. We had a groomer who understood this and a hefty tip for that accommodation helped grease the machinery. Grooming is a very important part of an aging dog's health program to keep their skin integrity up and ears cleaned and nails they don't wear down as quickly, under control.

That being said, if a groomer doesn't want those issues I'd not want to take them there anymore anyway. I'm sorry for getting so upset but my daughter had a grooming business and because she was so patient and gentle to special needs animals she had more business than she could handle.

If it is a matter that it's stressful or too much for the dog, that's a different issue. And, at sixteen it may well be. BTW she's a lovely girl. We had to eventually do our own grooming for our 16 year old Mini schnauzer. A brush was our best friend and he enjoyed it. We let him assume a puppy cut too and let his hair grow longer and just watched out for those areas where matting might occur like his behind from toileting and trimming his eyebrows so he could see and his moustache so his mouth would stay clean. His ears could be handled with a washcloth. We didn't bath any more than necessary and then with castile soap. My DD who doesn't groom professionally anymore did come over occasionally and scissor trim him. Although a really good professional quality clipper with sharp blades and a long guard attachement on it is still an option if you have patience with the dog changing position and just work around it. It's all about the dog's comfort and style isn't important. Hope you can sort it out.

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I wonder if grooming in the tub would help? I think of those dogs that walk in water tanks because its easier for them on their joints and can be very relaxing. Course not all dogs may want to stand in water while you trim their behind, lol.

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I use clippers on mine, and the tub idea would be a bit of a hazard. But if one uses scissors, it sounds like a great idea. Perhaps a heating- or cooling-pad to lie on?

I like the suggestion of shopping for another groomer, and perhaps see if your dog can take a pain-killer, first, like buffered aspirin or Rimadyl. She may be on an NSAID for her joints already?

Good wishes on finding a solution for your dear Annie.

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I got a little lhasa apso at the shelter who had all sorts of personality quirks including aggression when grooming, and I discovered he was extremely docile in a tub of water. That's where he got combed, nails trimmed and scissor cut. LOL. I could do whatever needed done with cooperation, when he had to be muzzled for a groomer.

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I had to start grooming my poodle/mix when he was 14 yrs old. I bought a quality pair of shears, blades for fine hair, and some good scissors.
I would trim his body hair with the scissors and then shave his face and around his rear end with the shears.
You don't have to do it all at one time and he doesn't have to be bathed before trimming. You can shear one day and scissor trim the next.

Your groomer should be willing to show you what tools to purchase and how to shear his face and bottom. If not, find one who will and pay them for their time.
If you're not comfortable doing the work, then call around and find a groomer that works on elderly dogs. Then stay there with him while they groom so that he's not more stressed with being left at the groomers for several hours.

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