Is Benadryl the only meds for itching ?

toomuchglassAugust 31, 2010

Please read my post about giving a small dog a bath for backround info on why I'm using it . Poppy's itchy ! I'm too lazy to type it all out again ... ( sorry ! )

Anyway , the vet I saw ,prescribed it for her . It's helping "alittle Bit" ..... but it is turning her into a zombie. I don't like seeing her like this . If Benadryl doesn't work ....... is there another option ?

The only scratching I've ever had to deal with is fleas . She has none , so ,this is new to me.

Are there other things to try ? Your help & suggestions would help - big time. (((( Everyone at Pet Forum )))

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Sounds like your vet didn't give you a diagnosis and the benedryl is to try to make her more comfortable. Presuming she ruled out skin infections and parasites, did she review diet and environment? What kind of food is she eating?

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nope -- I said I didn't like this vet . I honestly think she's an idiot -- just giving "text book" answers to problems. My regular vet was booked solid ,but would have done a better exam & taken her history & given her an exam from head to toe and asked me tons of questions. I just took the appointment because I thought it was something easy to fix.

Nothing has changed since I got her - the same food - the same enviroment .*sigh*

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Can you put hydrocortizone on the itchy places?

You can get it for $1 a tube at the dollar store.

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If it is just hot spots you can use Sulfodene on them. It stinks like sulphur but works and is inexpensive. You can get it at most pet stores and some larger grocery stores in the pet section.

It could be a food allergy. Some dogs are allergic to corn and other filler ingredients in dog foods. Going with a higher quality of food without grain fillers might work.

It could also be other allergies same as a human can have which requires considerable testing and possibly a regular regemin of shots for the rest of the dogs life.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sulfodene

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Here's the happy ending ! I just couldn't stand to see Poppie scratching anymore . Benedryl did nothing - like I knew it would . I thought back golden had a bout with itchy skin - and she got a short term prescription of prednisone. It worked a miracle.
Today , I called the vet (that I didn't like) and
ASKED HER for Prednisone. She gave me a small prescription and it's working already ... and it cost $6.75 . My original visit to her cost me $100 - mostly for nothing. I admire all of us who speak up for our pets and know what's the right thing they need.

***High 5ing all the pet moms and dads that speak up for their babies .***

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Oh, yes, I use prednisone for my dogs every summer. Benedryl does nothing for them. Prednisone is sort of a long drawn out session and is nothing to fool around with so just be sure you give it exactly as it is prescribed and don't stop until the last pill is gone. My one dog was started on it as the vet advised but after about 5 days I could see it wasn't taking effect so we had to put her on a heavier dose and she's doing much better now. I've had her on it for about a week and a half now and the other one just got put on it today. One thing I was told and since found out for myself, if your dog has trouble this year, expect it to happen every year. Just seems to be something they are allergic to in the warm weather.

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While I don't like using predisone I do have to use it several times a year,especially spring and fall.Its the only thing that clears up the rash and itching.Lucy(basset)can't even lay on the grass without allergy flareups.Good luck.

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