Preliminary Peek @ Painted Barker Cabinets

grlwprlsMarch 1, 2013

Here's a very early sneak peek at my site painted Barker Cabinets. We still have a few drawer fronts to install on this run and the applied door to cover the side of the bookcase (the last cabinet on the far L of the run). I haven't done the fine adjustments on the Blum hardware or installed any door pulls yet. No toe kick or base trims or any other trim have been installed yet, either. Our floor was a bit of a wreck from the previous kitchen and the prior Jacobean stain on the oak and the not so great skill of prior painters. Since the floor doesn't have another sanding in it in the adjoining living room, I just hand blended in the floor as best I could and will take great pains not to point out the floor's flaws to guests.

Our walls are SW Creamy, our trim (can you even see any?) is SW Pure White. The cabinets are BM Vellum in semi-gloss Advance. Our countertop is Witch Hazel Corian. On this run we did do the 4" splash, but on the range wall, there's a tile splash from counter to ceiling. The faucets at the main and prep sink are uncoated brass from Newport Brass. The sink is biscuit Silgranit and we have runnels carved in the counter under that upside down salad bowl.

It's a cloudy morning here in AR - and we're still missing a few lights. We have LED's everywhere, except in the vintage schoolhouse pendant (again, I don't think you can see that) and the wall mounted Reed sconces from Rejuvenation. Finally got my issue resolved with my Hafele Bali bar. It must have been damaged in shipping - because the replacement came in a wood structured rigid cardboard box. The original one came in a half taped shut cardboard wrap.

Oh, and see my little blue bird sugar bowl by the Keurig? I think that would be perfect in Fishie's amazing yellow kitchen :-)

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Those look amazing! I love that color yellow! What paint process are you using? The finish looks flawless on my monitor.

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Beautiful color. I am eager to see the whole thing.
I know you will have lots of goodies to share.

But I am not too sure about those green pulls. ;-)

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I do like your green pulls! Actually, that green tape made me wonder if you've considered green glass knobs?

These particular knobs even have matching pulls:

Actually, I'd prefer they didn't have those big, hunkin' nails in the middle, but you get the idea.

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Okay, loving the chance to see Barker cabinets! My sample doors and cabinet are on order. They look great!

Witch Hazel has also been on my short list, so it's fun to see it in your kitchen. It looks pretty gray, is it in real life?

You didn't go with an integrated sink on your Corian? Can I ask why? I thought that was one of the perks of the product, but don't know much about it, to be honest.

And, brave you, embracing the brass with that sink! Nothing apologetic about it! I bet it goes great with the witch hazel?

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grlwprls, that is beautiful! and your cabinets look flawless! would you mind sharing how you painted the cabinets? which primer did you use with the BM advance? do you sand in between coats? did you spray or roll or brush? sorry for so many questions, I am about to paint my barker cabs soon as well so this info would be super helpful and timely! thank you!!

i love the color you chose too!

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First, I sent out the paneled doors and the trim. I have no idea how the professional painters did those items other than I told them to spray and back brush them. I really didn't have enough space to set everything out and my neighbor has a bad leaf blowing habit and I have a tree that birds I had to turn my dining room table into paint central. There was just no good place for 8' sections of trim and all the doors.

The slab doors and the cabinet box edge banding, I did - by hand - with a Purdy brush. I did sand between two primer coats (I used some SW Harmony primer that I had here for another project) but I did not sand between the three color coats. It took three coats for the color to develop fully - even my painter said it took more product than he expected. And, it's a 16 hour dry time between coats. Then, I left the doors for a couple of weeks to cure. However, I did put two too close to each other and too close to a heat register, so I had to use some ultra fine sand paper and blend in my "oops!".

The Advance really levels pretty well. My back brushed professionally painted ones actually have more brush marks in them (which I wanted) than my slab doors.

I'm pretty pleased with the finish overall. Plus, knowing I could always order new doors if I really screwed something up made it okay to take the risk site painting them.

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The Witch Hazel doesn't feel gray to me IRL - there is a gray tone in it, but it's far more griege than gray. The Rain Cloud overall feels more gray.

I was so sold on the Silgranit sinks that I didn't even consider the Corian sink. It is probably also a bit of a flashback to my grandmother's somewhat horrifying pink speckled Corian with integrated sink. Yowza. It's hard to love Corian around here in TKO land, so going with the "so dated" sink (and 4" backsplash! What?!) might have been too much.

This is my second unapologetically brass kitchen, but in this house, all the new lighting is also uncoated brass. I love brass - but even I am itching to get rid of the plasti-brass handle set on my back door :-)

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They look great. I am in disbelief that is Vellum. It looks like a grocery bag on the strip.

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This is really pretty! And very helpful for me. I am trying to decide between full overlay and inset. These look great. Also I really love your countertops.. I can't wait to see the finished space.

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grlwprls, thank you for the detailed info! i have been leaning towards the BM advance. sounds like it is good to work with. is purdy a special kind of brush? if so, i will try to find them.
can't wait to see your reveal! thanks again!

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Looks awesome!! Vellum was a possibility for our kitchen. I painted Barley on one door and Vellum on another and I really couldn't tell them apart! I think Vellum might be a touch deeper. Both of those colors don't read so yellow on the chips but they certainly do in a large area!

I also almost chose Corian Witch Hazel so I am really excited to see your kitchen : )

I just re-read your OP and that IS my bird sugar bowl!!! lol I bought it last year and it now sits on my kitchen shelf. You can see it in my reveal! So funny!

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Looks wonderful!

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And here's a little peek at the being installed now backsplash. Sorry it's blurry, I was taking the shot from across the entire length of the first floor with my iPhone. And, I've clearly been sticking my finger on the lens of my camera. It's Smudgy McSmudgington.

I will say, these slab drawers on this side are making me crazy with the "fine tuning" of the reveal. They are still a little wonky. :-)

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Wow what a beautiful yellow, and the brass faucets look fabulous with it. I can't believe that's Corian, wow that has come a long way, it looks fantastic! Really looking forward to seeing the full reveal.

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So happy to see the corian; I have been leaning toward the Burled Beach and wondered how the pattern looks in real life (haven't had much luck finding good pics).

Love your tile too!

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very cool looking. I love it.

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I absolutely love the yellow cabinets, Witch Hazel and tile backsplash together! Can't wait to see the finished pictures.

I'm also going with Corian. Either Witch Hazel or Sea Salt.
Thanks so much for sharing!

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They keep telling me that Thursday they'll be done. Now, I still have some things to get into place...but it will just be decor/furnishing stuff. I am in a desperate search for a vintage looking/English-y/cottage-y work table for the center of the room. I'll be open to doing some better reveal shots at the end of the week.

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Hi grl - I'm dying to see your reveal. Did you post it and I missed it? If so, can you post a link? Thanks.

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Gorgeous! Love the paint. Adore the brass faucet. They say brass is back, but I have always loved it and refused to get rid of mine.

Steph2000, I have seen Witch Hazel in several large-scale applications and it is truly gorgeous. The swirls, IMHO, vary from taupe-gray to almost warm brown. Hard to describe. Very natural looking.

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Ah, thanks for resurrecting this! We are currently waiting on our custom made work table, so there's still some stuff that is very out of order. That explains why I haven't done a final reveal.

One nice thing about my Corian is that there is clearly a defect in it. It's a rather large swirly blob of color. I actually think it helps make it look more organic. And again, it gives me peace of mind when my 13 year old daughter is unleashed in the kitchen.

I'm so relaxed this time around that I don't even stress about all the water rings and drip marks on my oiled walnut counter. It's a beautiful thing!

It's been very first world problems waiting on my work table. But, it could arrive in June or July. Guess which one I am keeping my fingers crossed for? It's an oiled wood worktop and the base is painted Benjamin Moore's Velvet Cloak. The wall behind my Swedish shelves is also painted in the velvet cloak.

I painted an accent wall in my foyer and with the SW Creamy walls, they really add a punch to the space(s).

I'm really so pleased with how the first floor renovation turned out!

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Oooooooo! So pretty! Love the flowery backsplash and the creamy yellow cabinets. Our previous counter was Corian. We loved it! I cleaned it and said goodbye the night before demo. Good stuff!

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Today I painted an accent wall of Ben Moore's Velvet Cloak in the rear vestibule where, once the painting is completed, I'll be installing open shelving.

In this shot you can't see the painted cabinets, but you can see the ceiling detail (although not that it's blue inside the box beams) and the Shiloh inset cabinets in Vintage Cherry with the Sundance finish.

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We've had our site painted (with Ben Moore Advance) in place since early March. It's mid July now and we have nary a chip or ding and I have been surprisingly *not* careful in this kitchen. We actually have rings on our oil finished walnut countertop and it doesn't even bother me. :-) I think I really have found my dream kitchen here. I cook, I rattle around, I open cabinets with wet hands, I leave an onion on the walnut counter that then went bad while we were on vacation and it's like water off a duck's back. The Corian counters are wonderful. The silgranit sinks clean up in an instant (and always look clean - no water spots or coffee/wine stains near the drain).

I hope my work table will be arriving next week so that I can do my final reveal. But so far, the fourth time's the charm as far as kitchen renovations. This kitchen is perfect for me and for how my family realistically lives.

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My work table was finally delivered! It still needs its hardware, but it won't be long now before I can do a full reveal.

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Did you post a total reveal or did I miss it. I am most interested in the backsplash you used. BTW, what you have revealed is very classy and classic IMHO.

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I agree, I would love to know more about your Backsplash and where you purchased it.

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Love a positive post on Corian (we have Raincloud). Your kitchen looks great.

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