Fast help needed re Franke sink and countertop

NaRoApril 11, 2012


My Franke Orca ORX-110 sink has arrived, i my fabricator is ready to cut a hole in the countertop for it, and a note on template says the installer must have all accessories before cutting.

I don't have my hoped-for cutting board yet, and am not sure if local stores stock it. I've read confusing posts about "reveals" (postivie/negative/neutral, but I can't figure which is which) and how that can ruin how Franke's model-specific cutting boards, colanders, etc. sit with this sink. I'm totally confused.

I don't want to hold up rebuilding our tree-smashed house while awaiting a cutting board-- our insurance coverage for the rental is running out soon, so time is of the essence. Can anyone explain to me what I tell my fabricator? Or do I really need to wait until I can get a cutting board?

Thank you,


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Tell him you want a positive reveal. That's how the cutting board sits on the rim of the sink. If you do a negative reveal, the cutting board will be too large for the cutout.

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