If PA uses UCC code, do I need an air gap?

lithiginApril 21, 2011

I just read a bunch of posts basically saying "few states other than CA require an air gap anymore." I also skimmed one that I think said that IRC codes don't require an air gap, but UCC codes do. Except that I closed that tab and can't find it again!

I live in PA, which uses UCC code, but I can't download the actual code itself to look it up. Does anyone know if PA requires an air gap, or if UCC code does?

Thank you!

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I think Pennsylvania uses IPC.

IPC 802.1.6 allows connecting through an air gap or discharge into a wye-branch fitting on the tailpiece of the kitchen sink, or the dishwasher connection of a food waste grinder. If you don't use an air gap the dishwasher waste line has to loop up and be fastened to the underside of the counter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pennsylvania Plumbing Code

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