crazy cat at it again

mountain_ladyAugust 2, 2012

Well I have been working on repainting my house for about week now. I locked the cat in the bedroom so that he dont put his tail or anything else on my freshly painted walls.

I decided that I needed to patch nail holes in the bedroom tonight, I turned on the light to find my cat fast asleep on the bed. LIKE NORMAL. I am walking around the bed with my spackle to fix a few nail holes and I get this look like "REALLY NOW WHAT???" after I finish filling the few nail holes in the bedroom I turn off the light and leave the cat alone in the bedroom. I put my stuff away so that I can get a drink of water. I sit down on the sofa pick up my water and here he comes. He gives me his little huff and up on the sofa next to me. walking around my lap. then as he is walking across me he turns around looking me right in my eyes and burps . So I get the FISH smell of his kitty food he had eatten before he went to take his nap. After his little burp he lands his big butt on my foot making sure that i dont get up from my spot. And a look like "see bother me I am going to make sure you cant move. " Life in the fast lane for me and my cat. God I do love his little attdude.

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He showed you!!

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In our house, if a cat has you "stapled" to your spot, other people are happy to do things for you. Or at least that excuse has a high likelihood of working. It is amazing - the power of a cat tail over one's wrist. We are well-trained cat staff. Sounds like you are, too. :)

Isn't it great?

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O he does have me Trained. I am his person. I just rent space from him. I cant take a shower by myself. He has to sit on the washer and make sure that I dont move his food dish. If I am on the phone he has to make sure that I am doing it right. If I move from the desk to the livingroom here he comes. He has his own blanket on the bed that if I move it he isnt happy. But I will never in my life find him not in it. He is a wonderful friend.

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"stapled" lol! And he's really too big to move!

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He is a Lg Bengal male. he is 28 in long(not counting his tail) and 12 to 13 in tall . he is a big boy wt in at 22 lbs. I can move him around anywhere i want him to go . but really when he is in the mood of I want to be by you mom I let him.

He just has me Trained ...

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omg I want a Bengal so bad! So jealous, he's a cutie. Fishy burps, that'll show you!

My cat Sammy sits on the tub ledge between he clear shower curtain liner & the decorative one, sometimes I 'spray' him w/the shower head & he lets me do it. He's protected by the liner so he never gets wet unless he sticks his head into the tub.

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Here's my little one. She's only 8 pounds - mountain lady!

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Multiply that by All are demanding, some at the same time. My place on earth is to serve them. Your boy is very handsome, but my Henry has him beat in weight...25 pounds. If he was the only cat, I'd have him on a diet but the others are mostly normal to small and don't pig out like he does.

I know many people just don't like cats. Boy, they don't know what they're missing, do they? I love mine to pieces.

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:) I love my bengal.... he is a CARD!!!

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