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trisha57_nyAugust 20, 2009

For all of you who remember, I posted here when we first got McDuff, the gorgeous saint bernard? -- that was 6 years ago. My, how time flies.

I remember posting here when we first got him as a puppy. He was the cutest thing in the world. Then we got Daisy, his "little" sister -- they are saint bernards.

Then Duff had his back leg amputated 2 years ago, and 3 weeks later, he was up and running again.

Now, the cancer is back again to his front paw. The vet told us he could go through chemo and radiation, but the cancer he has is typically resistant to this. And Duff hates driving in the car.

So now we have this big, gorgeous guy (176 lbs) licking his front paw where the cancer is. I keep giving him medication that the vet gave him.

I sometimes say how will I go on without Duff? But I know everything happens for a reason. And I know he was here on this earth for a special reason.

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I am very sorry to hear the cancer is back.

What suggestion is the Doctor giving? Is Duff in pain?

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I'm so sorry his cancer returned. Stupid cancer.

Can you post another picture of the handsome boy? His picture always made me smile.

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Im curious. What kind of cancer does he have? I know my friends dog got cancer early on in life from chewing on treated wood stairs in their yard...your dog has gone through alot and early in its life. That is a big bummer to say the least. My heart goes out to you all.
PS - I like your attitude.

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I am sorry to hear about McDuff. Look in your heart to make the best decisions for him. Be strong on this journey, keep him comfortable, and cherish your time together.

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I'm sorry too to hear about your big lovable dog. Cherish the time you have. Post a picture for us.

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Wow, it has been six years! I am so sad that your big baby is so sick. I remember how worried you were before the amputation and how well it went for him. This is just plain not fair! I hope that your family has some time left with him before it is time for him to go, that has to be so hard for you. I know that his love of cars will not improve if he has to ride to chemo or even radiation treatments. He'll associate the car only with more bad things. You sound like you know what choices to make for his comfort. I hope it goes as well as possible for McDuff and the rest of your family.

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The cancer two years ago was carsino sarcoma - a very slow growing but invasive cancer.

Also, this was a very telling thing -- when he was outside flies would gather right where he was having the pain. I immediately said "infection". Why else would those disgusting, blood-sucking disgusting things do this?
Never did we think cancer.

So he had his back leg amputated, we all grieved (including his little sister, Daisy)for awhile, until McDuff was up an running and playing and going down stairs and amazing everyone. Especially for such a huge dog (180 lbs.) to be able to support himself on three legs.

Now it's two years later - a lump on his front paw. This time they don't really know what type of cancer it is.

The vet gave him Rymadel and Tramadol for pain and told us 2 - 8 months. Also that he could have chemo and radiation or amputation. We decided that we would not put him through anymore.

I know the medication has kicked in when he stops licking his paw.

We're trying to be brave right now. We will miss him so much.

And I always tell everyone that everything happens for a reason. I truly believe this. And this thinking has got me through alot of rough patches.

But the day McDuff goes, will still devestate us. It will hurt down to our bones.

I will try and post a picture

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He always sounded like such a big ball of love. I know it will be very hard on you all. I am thinking of you.

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I'm so very sorry to hear this about McDuff. But try to focus on the time that you've had with him and not the time that you won't have with him. I know you wouldn't have traded this time for anything. Cancer is very painful. Don't stint on the tramadol and as hard as it is, try to let him go before his pain is so bad that it can't be relieved. Trading his pain for yours is the most loving thing you will ever do for him.

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They don't know what kind of cancer?

I'd consult another vet, either a veterinary oncologist or a teaching university if possible.

holding McDuff in my thoughts & in my heart

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