piggy #4!

NinapearlAugust 21, 2012

these 3 little pot belly piggies were turned in to a kill shelter in indiana. they were slated to be euthanized a couple of days ago. they were pulled by a lady who runs a small pbp sanctuary. she cross posted to 3 different piggy groups i belong to and of course, i couldn't resist.

they are all males and presumably have all been neutered. they're just a year old and only about 60#. they have to have blood drawn for a couple of health tests before they can cross the state line so they will make sure they are neutered before placement is final.

arnold is such an active little guy and always trying to get the girls to play with him. it'll do him some good to have a buddy he can roughhouse with!

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Oh gosh! You are so kind hearted. And what will be this little guy's name? or does he already have one.

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Are you only taking one of them, or are you going to end up with all three? :>)

Of course you couldn't resist!

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I just want to cringe when I think of people buying an intelligent, satient creature like this on a lark. Hello, pigs grow up! And even pot-bellies get larger than your household dogs. Worse yet are the people who breed them for a buck, and then abandon them when the 'fad' is over and they cannot find someone to buy them. Bless you again for giving them a home in which they can thrive. Ditto the hedgehog craze now. They get disposed of, or injured a lot.

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LOL, i am only taking one. the other two will be going to other homes in illinois. these wonderful people are driving hours a week from saturday to transport all of them. i will meet them about 2.5 hours from home to pick him up.

they have all been confirmed neutered.

believe it or not, none of them have names. what?? how do you have a pet and not give it a name??? so, i am considering a few...

Sir Oinksalot
Sir Hamalot
Rumple Pigskin

any other suggestions?

calliope, what you say is so true. when these guys are tiny piglets, they are just as cute as the day is long and even the most non-animal loving person would be hard pressed to resist. sanctuaries all over the country are bombarded with pot belly pigs constantly because people who get them #1, don't know the first thing about caring for them and #2, are shocked that their "tea cup mini pig" has suddenly ballooned into a 100# or more creature. what is worse is that they give them no stimulation so they become extremely destructive and that's when they get dumped at shelters.

most often, the people who run the sanctuaries keep the pigs for the remainder of their lives. it's very hard on them to be bounced around, they get stressed so easily and their health can deteriorate rapidly because of it. so far, i have been really lucky with my 3 as they settled in to life at marshmallow acres without a hitch. i am hoping for the same for this little guy!

it seems i am destined to rescue animals that get "too big"...first great danes, now piggies! LOL

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Of course they are happy at Marshmallow Acres - who wouldn't be!! Those creatures live like royalty. They are very lucky to have you as their Mom.

I vote for Rumple Pigskin.

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I still like A. Cunningham.

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I'm liking Rumple Pigskin as well :)

Nina - It's so great that you're able to rescue him. We definitely need more people like you in this world.

Good Luck with your new addition.

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So, do you have the new piggy yet? We want more piggy pictures! Please!

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Rumple is a GREAT NAME! Also anxious to hear about the new piggie. Hope it works out well.

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this adoption fell through but in a good way. a lady found out about these 3 guys and wanted to take them all to her country home. yayy!

however, i have been contacted about a "micro min" pig in minneapolis (10 hours away) that is in rescue now. the description i was sent includes this..."Has some aggression issues, but does not seem to be a full fledged attack pig. Nips and charges some."

she's a house pig so i suspect she has been spoiled rotten and has had her way and now these people are afraid of her. since she is very small in comparison to my other pigs, 35-40#, and although she could still leave a nasty bite, i think a few days living with 3 other pigs that would "take her down a notch" would do her a world of good. i do have a place where i can keep her separated from the others until she settles in so i'm not worried about her being hurt by them.

now all they have to do is figure out how to get her from there to here! lol

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Arnold is going to have his own harem.

Sorry about the other pig, but I'm glad they all found a good home.

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LOL! arnold wears me out! when i'm out there working, he is constantly following me around, grunting, right on my heels. occasionally, i will sit on the ground and he'll flop in my lap for belly rubs. i don't know if i have ever had another pet...pig, dog, goat, horse...with so much personality! he is hilarious! i think another younger, playful pig would be great for him. i see him, once in a while, poking at the girls, trying to get them to play. they just give him a shove as if to say "go away kid, yer botherin' me!" LOL

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