Hot Water Pilot will not stay lit

peterbbApril 1, 2012

I have a hot water heater whose pilot light will not stay lit.

It has a history of not staying lit after weeks or months, but now I cannot get it to stay lit.

If I turn the dial to "pilot," light the pilot and hold down the red button for a minute, it will stay light when I let go of the button.

However, if I turn the dial from "Pilot" to "On" the pilot dims and goes out...

The water heater is a Rudd P30-6N, Natural Gas, 30 Gallon.

Any advice? I'm guessing that if it were merely the thermocouple, the pilot would not stay lit on "pilot."

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The thermocouple could be 'weak' and not putting out enough current.

In the light position there is usually extra gas supplied to make lighting easier (more like the ignite level than the smaller standing pilot level).

The extra gas is hot off when you move to the 'on' position, the thermocouple no longer has enough output, and out everything goes.

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Thanks. New t-couple did the trick. 8 Bucks = hot water.

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When you are not positive of a problem, start with the low cost parts first.

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