Bathroom drain assembly - what do I need

5yearslaterApril 24, 2013

I will be purchasing a sink with overflow. The specs say there is a 1.75 drain opening. I am also purchasing a single hole faucet that lists as including a pop up drain It also notes that the supply hose require supply stops with 3/8" compression fittings that are not included. The drain will be visible (no closed vanity below). What is the type of drain assembly and other accessories I need to purchase?

I will have a plumber install but I need to order and have the parts available.
I had been working with a design firm that ordered a sink and faucet that turned out to be too large for the space so now I am trying again on my own.
Thanks in advance.

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Easier if you had a pic, but here's the general idea:

1 1/4" P-trap w/ arm (chrome, maybe, if you want that look.)

1 1/4" tailpiece extension to match (eg. chrome), 6" length (just in case)

2 braided supply lines for faucet (not toilet). Determine the length you need, or just get a couple different sizes and return the extras.

Chrome escutcheon w/ 1 1/4" hole to cover the connection at the wall.

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"Chrome escutcheon w/ 1 1/4" hole to cover the connection at the wall. "

And escutcheons for the supply lines.

Though many of the escutcheons are now plastic and open so you can put them on after the fact.

I still have a stash of solid ones in metal that open, and others that do not open.

The non-opening ones must go on before the valve is soldered.

Chrome sleeves for copper pipe (and steel pipes) have been around a long time.

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If you have a plumber why would you need to go out on your own to order what brickeeye and homebound have taken the time to give you the heads up.

The plumber should know what you need and if they want you to source it that's understandable, but he or she must tell you what they need for your installation, I don't get it.

Once read on a thread " NO matter how high I stand on my chair here I can't see what you need from here"

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