Tub Filler Set & Shower Set on 1 wall????

EmmaKentuckyApril 1, 2011

I'm hoping someone has a much needed solution for me. In an 5' x 32" alcove end wall I am trying to place 2 separate systems, one a combined wall mount tub filler with attached handshower and at the top a shower system that contains separate water handles and a diverter handle. The diverter handle would normally divert the water flow to a traditional simple tub spout.

I am using a tub filler with a hand shower attached so that a sitting person could wash their hair or whatever without standing once in the tub. There is a handle on the tub filler that I could switch between the handshower and tub spout easily without assistance.

Is it possible to modify the plumbing inside the wall (wall is being retiled) so that the 2 separate system can work independently or we could use a simple levered diverter between the 2 systems so that people visiting me could easily take a shower?

I do understand that a simple lever on the outside wall may require work on the inside. But what type of work?

Any, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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I must be really stressed about this!!! I so sincerely apologize for what is nearly a duplicate of yesterday's question.

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I've seen a bathtub set up the way you want. It had a standard tub faucet down low to service the tub (and in your case you could add a hand shower diverter), and a second faucet set up high to service the shower head. The upper one wouldn't need a diverter, as it would feed straight to the shower head, just like in a shower-only stall. This should be fairly simple to plumb since the wall will be open anyway. The concerns I would have would be if your code authority would want you to use larger water pipes because there are two sets of fixtures. They might also, or instead, want a larger size drain. I wouldn't think these would be required, but, you jurisdiction/inspector might vary. An additional option for you on the lower filler would be to use a standard 3 handle valve set (middle being the diverter valve) and instead of sending the output to an upper shower it just go to a stubbed out pipe where you could attach the handshower.

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