The Glory of McDuff---pics

yborgalAugust 30, 2009

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Mona posted these pics of Duff cause I couldn't remember how. Thank you so much, Mona.

McDuff will be leaving us soon. Cancer has spread. But
looking at these pictures brought a big smile to my face in the realization that we had this big, beautiful, gentle guy for 6 years.
My sister was always afraid of big dogs. She calls Duff her protector now. She's never afraid when Duff is around.

He's touched alot of peoples' lives. He has done his job here and a job very well done. Except I have to have a face to face talk with him about why he is taking my heart with him, too. For the courageous, selfless dog he is, I'm sure he'll give me a good explanation.
And I think that explnation will be his "little" sister. He adores her and watches over her from when she was 6 weeks old.
But, everyone, these are our loving, respectful dogs. It's amazing how they can't speak, or use sign language, but we all know exactly what they are thinking, and we especially know that they love us unconditionally.

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trisha, there simply are no words that could possibly convey the sadness i feel for you. duff is a beautiful dog, inside and out, i can see that in his eyes.

i am so very sorry he is losing this battle. i recently lost my little corgi girl to cancer, i know a little of what you are feeling.

God bless you for loving him enough to let him go.


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You could make a little album of pictures of him. I did that when our dear kitty died. I'm sorry you'll be losing him. He is a beautiful animal.

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I am so sorry that you are are facing this....

It is never easy when they leave us.

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McDuff is such a handsome boy!
I remember when you first posted at the KT about him years ago. I was captivated by your boy.
I am so sorry he is going through this Trisha.
Big hugs for you both!!!

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I'm so sorry.

He really is a beauty, & you're lucky to have had/known him.

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I've had him in my prayers.

Thank you for the pictures, he's one hunk of a hansome boy.

You, on the other hand, are an incredibly strong and wise woman.



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My heart is breaking for you. Our Bear was diagnosed with bone cancer Jan the 31st. Our vet didn't recommend amputation. He had osteosarcoma in his rear leg. By the time it was found, the vet figured it was already in his lungs and gave him 2 months with no treatment and only 6-12 months with radition and chemo.We loved him so much in those last days... He crossed the bridge on March the 16th. There are still days that I can't believe he is gone.

On July the 26th, my best friend found an ad for a litter of Saints only 3 hours away. We came home with Tank. He has helped heal the hole that was left in our lives and hearts when Bear left us.

Hugs to you

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I just wanted to say thanks to all you. It's just so great to have all your support.
I think what hubby and I have to do is just get ourselves ready for this big loss. This, I think, is the hardest thing we ever had to do.

littlebit -- I'm so sorry for your Bear. Our last saint was named Bear. So you got Tank, a saint?! I can't believe it. Can you post some pics. He's a big, sweet guy now, I bet.

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I feel so bad for what you are going thru. Duff is a gorgeous animal with love shining from his eyes. It's never easy, is it?

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McDuff is still hanging in there. He's such a big, big, big, big sweet, sweet, sweet boy -- you should see this 180lb guy sleeping next to me -- yup, snoring with his big, huge saint bernard head on my chest. And his beautiful eyes. And listening to his snorng! lol.
I wish you all could have met him. I really do. He's changed alot of peoples lives.
He's changed my life. He's made me believe that all happens for a reason. There are no accidents or coincidences

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I believe that too. I found my dog on Petfinder. He's a mutt and I never looked at another dog. He was meant to be with me. I wish you well with your big sweet guy.

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lily316, I can't believe you found your sweetheart on petfinder. I wish you well, too.

We are babysitting a two year old right now from England. The whole family came out here for a brother's, a son's, a nephew's wedding. They are all staying with us.

Eloise (the two year old) and Daisy (McDuff's little sis) are in love with each other. McDuff "oversees" the happenings here.

Just so you get a clear picture of what's going on here, Daisy weighs two pounds less than me! lol. I think that's hysterical that an owner and a dog can weigh the same. She's 155 lbs.

When Daisy meets a new adult, she's all over them. Steps on their toes, bumps their foreheads, slurps all over their good white pants, etc. All I hear is "owwww! owww, I think my toe is broke! oh, know, my knee, oh god I have a fat lip, do you have paper towel?" and so on.
She has to greet everyone on the lips -- she has free access to noses, chins, foreheads, scalps, but she's not happy until she gets everyone on their mouths. What is up with this?

Anyway, when Daisy sees little Eloise, she turns into a gentle, gentle lamb. It's amazing to watch this 155lb. dog with this little two year old.

Daisy waits at their door all night waiting for Eloise to wake up. It's just incredible to see this. When Eloise wakes up, she asks for Daisy. It's just amazing.

Eloise had a bowl of ice cream and a spoon. She took some ice cream and then offered the spoon to Daisy. Daisy very gently took the ice cream off the spoon. And waited for Eloise to have hers. Eloise then gave Daisy some more ice cream. This was amazing to watch.

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What a gooood girl!

I think dogs recognize that kids are different-
like puppies!

They interact differently with little ones, & they'll put up with a lot of nonsense out of children that they wouldn't stand for from an adult.

(& getting dog slobber in your mouth is the healthiest way to develop a healthy immune system!)

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oh i missed my dog who died few years ago...
by the way,,, what's the breed of your dog???
he seems so big... he's a handsome dog,,, really...

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