Google Doodles - Earth Day 2013

ntt_houApril 23, 2013

Animated the change of seasons

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Doesn't work! Didn't see the animated seasons :o(

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Oh no... It's too late now. You were supposed to click on it. The sun had a "play" icon that looked like a triangle. By clicking on it, the sun began to move forward and set (sunset). Then, it turned to night and the moon rose. As the sun and the moon took its turn to rise and set, the season changed. You can click on the sun or the moon again to freeze them. Everywhere else was still moving.

When clicking on the clouds, it rained except during the winter, it snowed. Click on the cloud again and it stopped.

On the left side, there was a flower bed in the shape of the letter G. The flowers bloomed, died and regrew as the season changed.

On the 2 mountains, each had a cave entry (letters O & O). When clicking on the cave, bears came out to greet you.

When it rains, one of the tree grew and put out leaves. This tree represented the letter L. First the leaves were green, then had a few yellow when Fall was approaching.

The green grass area on the right of the tree spelled out the letter E.

There was a hole on the ground. When clicking on it, a creature popped up with hands up. It either looked like a skunk or a racoon.

There was a pond that fish swam around and at night, fireflies danced around.

It was quite pretty. I wish I could save it on my computer.

Sorry, you've missed it.

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