my smokey has passed, i'm heartbroken

leah810August 8, 2009

just need to ventilate my 6 y/o boy cat had to be put to rest today the worst part is we were on vacation out of the country when he became ill. my wonderful neighbor and her daughter took him back and forth to the vet and held and cuddled him this past week as he deteriorated. he died before we could get home and i am so sad that we were not with him and hope he did not wonder where WE were,,,,,, he is now at peace no longer in pain, i just wish i could have been at his side i love him and miss him dearly....thanks

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sorry for your loss.

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I'm so sad to hear about that. It is like a nightmare to have your beloved pet become fatally ill when you can't be at its side. Something like that happened to me once, too, when my elderly mother was ailing and I was visiting her from a foreign country.

Look at Smokey's life as a whole and keep reminding yourself that you were with him for by far the greatest part of it, and it was a happy life. It is comforting that he also had the loving care of your neighbors during his illness.

Six is still young, but with some pets, no matter how well we take care of them, genetics and other factors work against us.

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I am very sorry. I know you are heartbroken, but also know that you will feel better over time. My thoughts are with you.

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. Six is very young. :(

That must have been a real bear for your neighbors. That's the scariest thing about babysitting someone else's pet while they're gone. What if it gets sick? What if it dies? Yikes.

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You and your pet were lucky to have such wonderful caregivers during such an unfortunate time. Sorry for your loss. I do not think any situation is good when we lose our pals. Try to not focus on not being there because it is not like you did not want to be. Circumstance beyond your control.

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I lost a 6 year old dog to cancer years ago. I didn't think I could ever breathe again.

I am so sorry for your loss.

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i feel for you. my cat is the center of my heart. pets love unconditionaly and that is why they are so special to us. i hope i don't make anyone here angry for what i am going to say! i am a psychic and a pet psychic too. pets do have souls and spirits just exactly like we do. their little spirits live on as ours do. your pet knows how you feel. they know you miss them. your love isn't gone unknown! i have done many readings where a passed over pet spirit comes to be close to their owner. you may see your baby again some day when you cross over too! i hope i didn't make people who don't believe in such things angry. my intention is to heal and help. the subject is very controversial so i am taking a huge risk. big picture is that that doesn't make the pain any less. if my daisy died and someday she will, i can tell you that it will hit me harder than many people that have passed that i have known. something so special about animal love that we can't discribe to give it justice. they touch us in ways no one else can.

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