a new furkid to help our hearts heal

NinapearlAugust 5, 2009

simon (male corgi), ashley (great dane rescue girl) and i have been having a hard time coming to grips with maggie's death. we miss that barky little corgi girl SO much. i have been asking for, and received, a sign from my girl that she is with her daddy in heaven...a few nights ago, i had a beautiful rainbow just outside my front door. i know they are together and catching up and loving every minute of it.

i have always found that a new furkid helps my heart on the road to healing so i have contacted the rescue folks. this beautiful girl with the soulful eyes will be coming to live with us soon...

presley is 9.5 years old, has been in rescue for a while because nobody seems to want an "old" dog. i may be setting myself up for more heartache but what the heck...i fall in love to quickly and if she lasts one day or one year or two years, it would all be the same to me. she's being fostered in kansas city, the rescue folks are working on a "dane train" to get her here, hopefully this weekend or next. :)

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oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Presley, what a cute name. I like it. She looks like she is overdue for some pooch smooching and lots of cuddles. Please let us know how well she assimilates into your world. Good on you for getting a rescue!!! Thanks for sharing

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How kind of you. I know she'll love the wonderful home you'll give her. What a lucky pooch.

What information do you have about her health and history?

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i thought that name was pretty cute, too! i will never have anything BUT rescue dogs. they just seem to know how special they are. :)

socks, i don't have a lot of information about her history...all i know at this point is that she was found in an abandoned house with an empty bag of *gap* ole roy dog food and most likely had been drinking from the toilet. she has been with great dane rescue for several months. they have put some weight on her, although i'm told she needs a bit more, but everything else checks out just fine. she is quite active for her age, likes a good romp as long as it isn't terribly hot outside and she is said to be a total love bug. i can't wait to smother her with smooches!

i had been looking at a younger dane to bring into the fold but with simon's failing health (degenerative myelopathy), i decided that in fairness to him, whatever new dog i get has to be older, more sedate. simon loves ashley and i think he will fall madly in love with presley, too. he fancies himself quite the lady's man. ;)

i'll keep you updated...i'm hoping it works out that she can be here this weekend but it may be a bit longer since she is quite a distance away.

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I am sorry about your loss of Maggie.

This Dane looks to be so sweet. I've had Danes all my life and am a volunteer for MAGDRL. I adopted an older fawn girl who we had for 23 months. She was such a sweetie. Bless you for taking in an older one, and the best to you and your menagerie.


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thanks so much, cocooner. it was a very tough loss. maggie was my late husband's dog, my most important connection to him and i feel like i have lost a part of him.

i have to tell you, i admire SO much what you rescue folks do! i hope, some day, to be able to open my heart and home to some foster danes. i can't think of a more rewarding job!

bless YOU for what you do!

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She's gorgeous and with such a gentle face. I bet you are excited!

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Bless you for opening your heart to an older dog. They really need people to let them live however long they have left with joy and happiness and love. I know Presley will find an abundance of all those things in your home.

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Aww she does have really soulful eyes.

Bless you for giving her a new home and may you two have happy years to come. Sounds like she is a very lucky girl to have found her way to rescue and then to have a chance for a new start with you. :)

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She looks like such a sweetie! Both of you are lucky to have found each other.

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thanks, everybody. she'll be here sunday!!! i can't wait...i have her cushy mattress all ready for her, picked up another raised feeding station, got a bright new colorful collar and leash, we're all set! and how's this for cool...she will arrive on the one year anniversary of my first dane rescue! :)

i have a special place in my heart for old animals. she'll get more love and cuddles than she'll know what to do with and i'm sure ashley and simon, my little corgi boy, will fall in love with her as i already have, just from her pictures.

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Aren't you sweet to take an older dog. She will probably be as much a blessing to you as you are to her. Wishing you all happiness!

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AAAHHH as I said... your not done yet...lots more furbabies to love. I would expect nothing less of you. That sweet old gal will finally have the life she deserves. How wonderful for her to have her twilight years full of love and security. You are needed!

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yes, she will definitely be a blessing!

hi lisa!! you know me too well...i'll never be done, at least not until such time as i am unable to care for the critters.

i have been creating a photo album for my little maggie girl at the yahoo CanineCancerAngels list. it's been hard to look at pictures of maggie when she was well and scampering around the farm and herding the goats and climbing to the very top of the hay stack. i sure do miss her!!

maggie is home now, her ashes were returned to me yesterday. i have placed them inside her favorite ceramic corgi cookie jar with a couple of her cookies and put it on the fireplace mantle. when the time is right, very soon, i will scoop just a tiny bit out, take it to the cemetery and sprinkle it over gary's gravesite. i think that will give me a little more closure.

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What a beautiful dog she is. Soulful eyes and a look of gentle dignity.


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I love your story and your wonderful kind heart.

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thanks for posting the update, jean!

presley has settled in nicely, she has much the same personality as her sister dane although pres is a bit more...what's the word...oh yes, mischievious (perhaps God knew what he was doing...my angel maggie was the most mischevious little dog!). she's very curious about the things going on outside and will stand at the window and woof quietly at the deer when they come to the salt lick.

for an old girl, she's really quite spry and when we're outside, especially on cool mornings, she will romp and run and looks to be chasing imaginary critters. she is blossoming in her new-found freedom...20 acres to roam but always looks back to see where i am.

she's wonderful in the house, sedate, happy to just lay on the couch or crawl up onto my bed. when she wants attention, she will come to me and not-so-gently punch at my arm with her cold nose.

all 3 dogs are getting along great! i can watch them from work on my pet cam and about the only time they move around is when one of them takes a trip to their fountain in the kitchen.

i'm so happy with her and with them! :)

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i have lost couch privileges, it would seem...

can we keep her, mom??...

do you think i need a bigger doggy door? :)

presley is lovin' the wide open spaces out here!

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