Gas Range Pilot Light

modern life interiorsApril 18, 2012

I have a hotpoint 20 inch gas range. Model number RGA 720. The unit was cleaned and the pilot lite blew out. It is free standing. The gas valve was shut before the cleaning.

Having difficulty relighting it.

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Question: Are you saying that you shut off the gas and disconnected the gas line?

Which pilot are we talking about (oven or stove top?)

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modern life interiors

Thank you for the response. I forgot to say the oven. Before the cleaning occurred the person turned off the shut off valve completely. The burners and the oven were turned off.

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Do the burners light (pilot or match)?

how long was the valve closed and how long has it been turned back on?

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Remove the removable oven bottom plate then locate the pilot burner towards the back of the oven.

Press in and hold the oven knob down while lighting the oven pilot and continue holding for 1 minute to allow the thermocouple to preheat.

When you release the oven knob the pilot should remain lit..

Here is a link where you can get a free Users Manual for your range in PDF format

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