Piddle, Piddle, Piddle.

yacherylAugust 13, 2010

Three weeks ago I got a 3yr old Westie.

She came from a lady that had 7 of them

and yes she bred the crap out of them.

She is the sweetest, loving dog.

Starved for attention.

But when you call her,

3 feet before she gets to you,

she crouches down and piddles,

leaving a winding trail of pee 5 foot long!

I know your laughing. It's not funnnnnnnnny......

Our carpet is 2 years old!

We need to find out how we can help her to stop doing this.

She came with her crate, she is potty trained and has not had an accident otherwise.


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Your poor little gal is most probably displaying submissive urination, and given the environment she came from, that doesn't surprise me. The treatment is through patience and training. Do not try to comfort or make over her when she does it, or scold her. There are probably many sites on the internet to talk about how to improve her problem by establishing some self-confidence in her. Good luck.

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I agree that she's having submission urination so getting down to her level while she adjusts to you and her new home will help. Squat down so that you're not hovering over her each time you want her to come to you you. You will appear less threatening than when you're standing upright.
Also, offering treats so that she gets a reward each time she comes to you should help change her behavior.

I would work on the recall outdoors so that you don't have to worry about your carpet. You'll probably have to try different approaches such as not calling her with 'come xxx'. A low whistle or saying 'want a treat' may get a better response than 'come' until she becomes more confident.

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Yes, either submissive or excitement urination. Crouching is one approach, but very important NOT to give eye contact, (look away or at her tail)and present your SIDE not your front when she is approaching you. Have you ever noticed that well mannered dogs greet each other side to side? Face to face is confrontational - a human style which can be threatening to dogs. The concept is not to threaten her with postures that she will read as "dominant." Also try throwing treats at her across the room and gradually from shorter distances while saying 'treat time' and looking away. Be careful not to reinforce the submissive behavior with treats though. The urination will stop when she settles in and feels more confident. Keep everything very low key for at least a month. (I'm assuming she's already been to the vet and any medical issues have been ruled out that might complicate things or make the behavior harder to overcome.)

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Thank you for answering.
I think you are right with the submission urination.
It is her to a "T"!
Starting tomorrow, we're going to do everything you all have suggested.
She did come with vet record.
I took her to their vet to get her checked out,
her Heartgard and Frontline and got her spayed!
She just makes our hearts melt.
We just have to get over this hurdle.........cheryl

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Many years ago we acquired a year-old female Jack Russell from a home where she had been screamed at and finally banished to the basement. My first memory is of her racing down the driveway of that home to greet us and then peeing on my foot. Yep, we took her anyway :o)

At that time, we both worked out of the home, and it was a pee-fest in the hallway every night when we got home. We just started ignoring her when we opened the door - just let her run right past us outside onto the step or drive and do what she had to do. The problem started improving almost immediately, and resolved itself completely and permanently in less than a month.

Just keep everything very low-key and avoid eye contact when greeting or calling her and and during other situations when she displays this behavior. Even praising her too much may set her off, so keep repeating "serenity now" to yourself! She just needs a chance to calm down and realize that she's in a MUCH better place, so she can relax and start to enjoy life.

Our girl turned out to be just the best dog ever. She was the most sensitive, devoted little soul, very people-oriented and considerate and sweet. Just a good little citizen who always wanted to do the right thing. We still miss her terribly - we had to put her down a few years ago at age 16 due to hypoglycemic seizures (probably due to pancreatic cancer).

This problem is easily fixed and will definitely pass!


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Susan is right, the piddles will definitely peter out.

That's how my little puppy started out (she's 14, now). I had to let myself in the house and just walk past, her, ignoring her when I came home. After a few days she started feeling safe. I'd put all my stuff away and sit on the floor, and then she'd come over and the greeting would be pee-free.

Your Jack Russell sounds like she was a real gem, Susan. I'm sad she's gone.

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We are 3 day piddle-free!
I'm learning when I come in the door,
no matter how excited she is to see me,
I dare not bend down to pet her.
I just walk on by,sit down and
wait till she is on my lap - 3 seconds flat!
I am so glad I came here and asked.
Thank you all so much.......cheryl

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I'm so glad things have worked out for you and your dog Cheryl. While Misty never peed when Mom came home, she would so excited, barking, whining and make the biggest racket! She also would go up and down the stairs very excited and could have knocked someone over. Mom misses it, she thought it meant that Misty really missed her (and I'm sure she did) but I saw it as a sign of anxiety. Now Mom comes in and will get the puppies going, talking all baby-talk when greeting them. I think many people would think that just walking in the door and not greeting their dog would be rude or hurt the dog's feelings but that is not the case. I think its a wonderful way to reunite with your pet and makes coming home/visiting easier for all humans.

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